December 2023
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Jim Carraway Joins Blog: One of Ken’s ‘Lost Ladies’ … Identified

Hello and WELCOME Jim! Great to see you here  🙂

Jim has identified one of Ken’s ‘Lost Ladies’ … and provided some memories of her (and his adventures with Vietnam Road Kill) … you can read them by clicking HERE

Ken does the name “Happy” refresh your memory???!

Thank you for your great Comments, Jim!

Please come back often and share your memories and experiences of Saigon with us.

Everyone give Jim a BIG WELCOME to our Blog  🙂


4 comments to Jim Carraway Joins Blog: One of Ken’s ‘Lost Ladies’ … Identified

  • Ken

    Well, needless to say, I hang my head in shame for not remembering…My apologies to Harriet whereever she may be at this time. I, of course, will begin the on-line search and see if she can be located. and so inform the appropriate authorities “Saigon Kids.”

    As more folks come on line, I am hoping the more of “Ken’s Ladies” as Bob has so kindly named them will be identified and found and brought into the Saigon Kids fold.

    A bit more than two weeks in Frankfurt and I get to go home and I AM READY.

    Regards to all and enjoy what is less of your Sunday. Ken

  • Admin

    Hey Ken … good luck on seaching online for Harriet … I tried a couple quick searches … but, did not find anyone that looked like it might be her. Problem with locating women, is they change their name when they get married … lol … But who knows maybe some of the Saigon Kids have been in contact with her, etc … time will tell. 🙂

    Enjoy your return HOME 🙂


  • Ken

    Bob, go to Photobucket
    and check out the photo far left, 2nd row. any idea on her identity?

    and you were right, nothing on Harriet Strong…Damn. Why can’t women keep their own name….

  • Admin

    Ohhhhhhhhhh HER! … Umm … Hang my head in shame, I didn’t post her pix on the Blog … lol … Sorry about that … I’ll put “The Quest” post up about her first chance I get, Ken.

    There are soooooo manyyyyyy of these Lost Ladies of yours, it is really hard to keep track of all of them … ya know… hahahahahahha 🙂



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