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Jo (Brown) Strasburg … joins our Blog

WELCOME Jo … good to see you have joined us on the Blog. Please feel free to make Posts and leave Comments. But, most of all have fun and enjoy socializing with everyone.

Have a fantastic day!


2 comments to Jo (Brown) Strasburg … joins our Blog

  • Ken

    Greetings Jo,

    One of the lovely seniors (ha…we’re all seniors now – lol) of 1962. Nice to know you are a part of this illustrious group of Saigon Kids and I hope to see you at the next reunion (now that the $$$ is improving here in Europe, I might be able to afford to go too).

    Hope you have had a good life. I for one would love to know what you’ve been doing over the past 40+ years. Feel free to fill in the gaps if you don’t mind sharing info with those of us who missed out on the last three reunions.

    Best regards – Ken

  • Jo (Brown) Strasburg

    Wow! This brought back some memories…Don’t think I’ll ever forget landing at Ton Son Nhut..Nov. 1961…Then they open the door of the plane and….OMG…the smell….Nuoc Mam, of course, but I didn’t know then what it was….

    Our house was very close to the military side of TSN…(and our wonderful school)so we saw all the “dignataries” passing by on the way to the palace or other government buildings. Also we could walk the 1/2 block to school.

    Am presently living in SW Louisiana…been here 27 years…can’t believe that…was in NW Florida before that and Wisconsin in mid to late 60’s.
    My husband, Otto, and I have two (grown) kids, Jeff and Karen…and 3 absolutely perfect grandchildren: Austin (14), Amber(9), and Jackson (6). The (grown) Kids live in St. Louis and Gainesville, Fl respectively.
    I taught school for 15 years til the first grandchild came…decided to hang it up. Taught in the program for Gifted students here and in Florida. Have done some ESL teaching here…seems my days in Saigon have come full circle since that was where I worked with my first ESL student…a young VN man who came knocking on our door and asked for help. He became a good friend of our family…showed me all around the area..often wonder what happened to him.
    I’d love to hear from some of the other illustrious “Seniors of ’62!”


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