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John Adams joins Blog

John Adams has joined the Blog.

WELCOME to the Blogosphere John. Feel free to make Posts and leave Comments sharing your Saigon experiences.

Good to have you here!

Everyone give John a BIG WELCOME!  🙂


6 comments to John Adams joins Blog

  • candice bush busa

    John, do you have a younger sister named Susie…if you do please let her know that I would love to hear from her….had lots of great times…

  • Shirley Farenas Kwong

    John ,we were in the same grade but you were my late brother’s classmate.Do you keep in touch with other classmates?Do you remember Sally Forsyth?

  • John Adams

    For Candice Bush Busa…I have an older sister, names Susie.

    For Shirley farenas Kwong. What was your brothers name. Yes I certainly remember Sally. Where is she?

  • Don Parker

    John, Don Parker here; your former next door neighbor and 4th grade classmate. Younger brother, Steve, is in Saigon at the moment and found our old house there (which is next to yours). Some directions from my Dad, Google Earth, and an old map of Saigon provided by the blog-master here, showed him the way to the house. Saw your name on the blog and couldn’t resist getting in touch. Took out my old ’63 Gecko and it was inadvertently signed by “Susie Adams” as her book. I believe you may have picked it up and sent it to me since we left shortly before the end of the school year.

    Hope you are doing well.

  • Bruce Berger


    Was your sister Susie in Laos in 1968 (summer)? My mother was in Udorn, Thailand, and my brother Ken and I spent the summer with her, making frequent forays into Laos. It seems that on one of these trips we met your parents and sister.

  • Shirley Farenas

    John,my late brother’s name was Josefino Jr.or Joe.I remember Don Parker.He used to write short mystery story books and we get to borrow and read them.

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