November 2022
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Join This Site With – Friends Connect

If you look at the top of the left menu area, you’ll see a box titled “Join This Site” with Google Friends Connect. I added this to the site a while back to make it easier for all us Saigon Kids to *connect* with each other and stay connected.

You can sign up to join our Blog through Friends Connect using your existing  account information from Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. so you don’t have to fill out a complete new registration form to register on the Blog. This is a big time saver.

Once you’ve joined our Blog through Friends Connect your Icon and name will appear in the Friends Connect box with the rest of us.  You’ll also be able to create or import your Profiles from other places, like Twitter or Facebook, discover and connect with other Saigon Kids, and send Private Message to each other.  Your contact information, such as email addy, is protected and will only be available to those ‘you give it to’.

Through the Friends Connect feature on our Blog you’ll be able to link to your other social network sites (such as your Facebook pages, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) if you want too.  By doing this people in your other Social Network Communities will know you  are a Saigon Kid and a member of our Blog – this can help a lot to spread the word about our site and to locate more un-found Saigon Kids to re-connect with.

So, everyone Sign Up and Join Our Site through Friends Connect. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And … gives you yet another easy way to re-connect and stay connected with all your old friends from Saigon.

Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kids      🙂


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