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Ken and Wife Return To Germany After Recent Travels in the USA

By Ken Yeager (ACS)

My wife and I just this week completed a five week US trip, three of them in an RV traveling in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico and the last two in Florida visiting with family. The purpose of the trip was for me (Ken) to see some of my own country after spending half of my life outside the US. My wife did some pretty extensive traveling back in the 60’s during her first immigration to the US.

We enjoyed the trip although RV living is not for me. We loved the National Parks that we visited and I very much enjoyed conversing with my countrymen and women in a language that I really comprehend. We were surprised at how expensive things had become and how poorly some people live in the western states.

The biggest disappointment was the food in so-called restaurants when one compares meals in Europe. Really awful. And one gripe that I have is the informality of service personnel in stores and restaurants … this “you guys” in greeting and asking for meal orders just really rubs me the wrong way. It just sounds so awful to my ears. Guess my age is showing.

Was really surprised to learn how bad the roads are in the US, especially out in Arizona and Utah and somewhat in New Mexico. Can’t say the same for Florida…they were pretty good.

Another surprise was that I only saw one person carrying a gun (Colorado) despite all what one reads on line about the armed idiots roaming the streets looking for trouble.

As always, being with family was the highlight of the trip for me. Everyone was in good health and cheer and enjoying life and that certainly pleased me. Some are a bit worried about holding their job, not knowing what will happen in the near future and that can make for some sleepless nights, but today or should I say yesterday, everything was OK.

When that plane touched down in Hamburg and we finally got home, I cannot tell you how happy I was to be “home”, surrounded by our things, in our (rented) house and getting back into our routine. The laundry is done, suitcases in the basement, the motorcycle is in the garage and I am happy.

2 comments to Ken and Wife Return To Germany After Recent Travels in the USA

  • brooks

    so glad you’re home safe and sound, ken, where there is something decent to eat. i do wish i’d gotten to see you and met g.
    best to you both,

  • Laurie Methven

    While my home is the US, I can relate to your feelings. My Dad retired in Brussels and when I go see him, I’m always amazed how things how in Europe compared to the US. Sigh…

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