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Ken Needs Your Help – Who Is This ‘Lovely Lady’ … ?

Anybody know who this Saigon Kid is … It seems once again, Ken is having a problem recalling the names of all the ‘lovely ladies’ in his collection of past loves … lol … But, I suppose it is understandable, considering there were 100’s, if not 1,000’s of lovely ladies he left behind … forgotten … as he rode off into the sunset on his Bike … saying “I’ll remeber you always” … LOL 🙂

Please help Ken by leaving your comments below …

UPDATE: 9/12/08

This Saigon Kid has been identified as Harriet “Happy” Strong. Read more by clicking HERE


5 comments to Ken Needs Your Help – Who Is This ‘Lovely Lady’ … ?

  • Ken

    Let’s be perfectly clear here. I did not post this entry…that sneaky Bob Layson did. However, he is correct, I have fogotten the ladies name. 100’s, 1000’s. Ha!!! I wish. You could count the women in my life on one hand….well maybe two….might need both feet and couple of more hands….Nah…just bragging. Only three or four SERIOUS ladies in my life and according to my wife, there better only be one now….please note she did not stipulate who it had to be. Oh boy, trouble coming, I can tell.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Ken

  • Admin

    LOL .. Ken … okay, I confess .. I did it …. lol

    Hmm only 3 or 4 SERIOUS ladies … hmmm … now how does that make all the others feel … or, did you tell them ALL .. “your the only one” … ahahhaaa

    LOL …. let’s hope your wife does not read this … lol … if she does … just stick to your same ole’ line … “you know you are the only one” … hahahaaha

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Jim Carraway


    It’s a bitch when the memory starts to go, isn’t it and I should know. Even so, how could anyone not remember Harriet “Happy” Strong?

    Looks like a pic taken at the Cerc and even with hair wet from the pool, Happy was arguably one of the loveliest young ladies to pass through the ACS.

    I doubt she’d remember, but she and I ran over a chicken while motorbiking out in the boonies one day. It was the chicken’s fault though, it ran out of a hooch by the side of the dirt road just as we were passing it. I did slow down and tried to miss it but no luck. We accelerated away with the hooch family yelling at us, but no way was I going to stop out in the countryside in that kind of situation with Happy on the back. I don’t know if the chicken was a pet or dinner but we felt bad about it. I sure enjoyed that ride though!

    Last I heard, she lives in Texas and as I write this, Hurricane Ike is approaching Galveston. I hope she and everyone else is safely out of its way.


  • Admin

    Hi Jim 🙂

    Great comments!

    Welcome to the Blog … and THANK YOU for your help in ID’ing one of Ken’s “Lost Ladies” … much appreciated.


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