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Kindergarten In Saigon

Okay Saigon Kids here’s the deal. I’m in contact with the husband of a girl who attended Kindergarten in Saigon during the time frame of 1963/64 ACS school year. But, ACS didn’t have kindergarten classes. So the questions is: What schools did the Kindergarten children attend.

Did any of you have younger brothers or sisters who attended kindergarten in Saigon? If so, where did they attend class.

Does anyone remember the names of any kindergarten teachers in Saigon? If so, please share with us.

Does anyone remember the Stewart family. Daughter Cheryl was in kindergarten during the 1963/64 ACS school year (but did not attend ACS). Her sister Debbie was in 4th or 5th grade at ACS.

Any memories you have of the Stewart’s and/or  Kindergarten in Saigon will be greatly appreciated.

Please share you memories in the Comments section below.


5 comments to Kindergarten In Saigon

  • Sandy Hanna

    My mother was a kindergarten teacher during 1960-1962. The kindergarten wasn’t near or in the ACS. It was located in a building near the Palace. I don’t know the name of it or even what building it was and unfortunately Ruby Nell Hanna’s memory is challenged these days with dementia. We have some photos that I’ll try to locate and maybe someone will recognize it. When the Palace was being bombed and we had all been sent home from the ACS, my sister, brother and I ran to the roof garden on house on Phan Than Guan and watched what looked like birds dropping bombs. We knew our mother was right there and it was a frightening thing. We later learned that she had been stuck in traffic and never made it to the school.

    • Sandy – That’s great news. Thank you so much. Maybe you stumple upon some other things too that your mom kept pertaining to the Kindergarten schooling, etc. that would be of interest to all the Saigon Kids.


  • Paul Shaffer

    There was a kindergarten at Norodom compound which later became the sight of the new US Embassy seen in evacuation of Saigon pictures. It was in a temporary building across the road from the housing that was also located there. I believe my sister Martha may have been there 62-63.
    Paul Shaffer
    Class of 1967

  • Sandy Hanna

    I think I have a slide of the class from 1962. Paul – your sister might be in the picture. I’ll search for it. My little brother Bob was in that class too. Sandy

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