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Kinh Do Theater Saigon – Now Playing: Evidence Of Revision – Part 3

Welcome to Saturday At The Movies with Saigon Kids.

Tonight we continue with the film “Evidence Of Revision” (Part 3).

If you have not seen Part 1 and Part 2 – you can view them here:

“Evidence Of Revision – Part 1″
“Evidence Of Revision – Part 2″

It’s recommend you view Part 1 and 2 before viewing Part 3 of this documentary.

Review of Part 3:

Those Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones.

Today with the help of the RICCO act the influence of organized crime has been greatly diminished over what it was in 1960 when JFK took office. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the influence of big business (particularly the military-industrial-congressional complex) mob.

While this is a pretty good roasting of LBJ and all his connections, it does history a disservice by not going into greater detail about the Kennedy family connection to the Mafia.

Neither is there any mention of the fact that since Old man Kennedy was worth hundreds of millions of dollars that he could bank roll his son’s run for the White House without requiring Jack to grab his ankles and “assume the position” before business interests the way Lyndon Johnson had to do.

Starting with rum-running during prohibition (which required pay-offs and coordination with the organized crime mobs) and continuing with Hollywood movie production, (also requiring pay-offs to organized crime) Joseph Kennedy was up to his ears with crime family associations.

Why else could he have been granted the favor of Sam Giancana’s help in stuffing ballot boxes in Chicago in order to throw Illinois to the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and thereby guarantee their winning over Nixon? Why or how else would Jack first cast his eyes on Judith Campbell who was part of the Giancana harem and live to tell about his indiscretions with her?

Ol’ Sam didn’t mind sharing women or doing a favor for an old family friend’s son, but he always demanded a quid-pro-quo and failure to provide such could be deadly.

Bobby’s prosecution of the mob stirring up J Edqueer Hoover with fear of his “secret” being exposed by criminals in the know put the bullets in Jack’s head as surely as the hit team that performed the act did.

Bobby’s appointment to Attorney General was also done in order for him to keep the lid on the growing number of sexual indiscretions of big brother Jack with regard to women.

Though Bobby may have been a devoted organized-crime fighter, he was also an impudent, arrogant, horses ass of a person whose brashness was tolerated only because of his relationship to the sitting President.

Lyndon and other big business criminals had good reason to despise the Kennedy’s. Both Bobby and Jack were born on third base and acted like they hit a home run. Both were cutting in on their profits, and both didn’t much care if they liked it or not.

Jack was not nearly as intelligent as many of his public statements made him appear, but he at least had the good sense to have wise advisors like Arthur Schlessinger Jr, and Theodore Sorenson to school him in what he really did not know.

All of that being said, it is important to realize that the question of “Who killed JFK?” is less important than the question of “What killed JFK?”.

The answer to that latter question was arrogance towards and ignorance of the true nature of what (the military-industrial-security-congressional complex) as well as with whom organized crime bosses, J Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the Secret Service, and the biggest bag man of all Lyndon Johnson he was dealing.

In the musical, “Man of La Mancha”, at the end as Don Quixote dies, his heart-throb Aldonza the whore, assumes the role of his idealized woman Dulcinea out of respect for Quixote and his chivalrous gallantry towards her as Aldonza.

For both Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, the Aldonzas in their lives (including especially Jackie) continued on as the courtesans they had always been–this is the true tragedy of JFK and LBJ–their legacies are media-manufactured and the memory of neither lives in the hearts of anyone.

This film was Produced by: *Anonymous*

The Producer of the film does not attempt to draw conclusions from the historical events covered in this film – but, leaves it up to you the viewer to reach your own conclusions from the material presented (much of which has been suppressed from the general public until now).

No opinions are offered by the silent narrator. You are left with only real media from a real time that you won’t see anywhere else. You are left to deal with your own bias on history and will find yourself forced to question your own intelligence.

This is a five-part video documentary series whose purpose is to present the suppressed historical audio, video and film recordings largely unseen by the public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified “Black Ops” actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet-nam, the CIA “mind control” programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

You’ll be able to relate to many events in this film series which were taking place while you were in Saigon and after you left Saigon – all the way up to 2009.

As always, you are welcome to leave your Comments below.


1 comment to Kinh Do Theater Saigon – Now Playing: Evidence Of Revision – Part 3

  • What others are saying about this documentary – comments from across the Web …

    “Wow, this was amazing. A must see.”

    “This past weekend, I have spent some long nights watching a lot of old television footage. Actually, it was all part of a documentary series called ‘evidence of revision’ which consisted of 5 parts and clocked in at 8 hours altogether. Apparently put together by Etymon Productions, there is literally no internet site containing information about them at all.

    It is a chilling documentary. Had JFK not been assassinated, the war in Vietnam would have almost certainly not happened at all. Had RFK not been assassinated, he would have almost certainly become president. Just hearing the brothers speak saddens me greatly. I felt so helpless watching RFK speaking and knowing that he was going to be killed and there was nothing I could have ever done to stop it. I’m just going to suggest everyone watch it.”

    “This had a unique emotional impact on me. It really is different when you immerse yourself in this hidden history, instead of reading snippets of it here and there. When the doc got to the RFK assassination, I was in tears. This assassination happened before I was born, so in a way it was the first time I lived through the event thanks to this movie (since so many clips are run long, and you get large chunks of real time in this film, it’s different than most docs).”

    “I’m still making my way through the series. It is slow going but very fascinating. I know only a little about this ‘stuff’ so I am learning lots. I like the way there is very little narration. It bothered me at first, but as you continue to watch you begin to come to your own conclusion about what has happened/is happening. For example: how the official story is put out, the way the media frames it and then hammers on it until it becomes ‘the truth’ and how even well meaning individuals are drawn into supporting and spreading this official truth.”

    “I finished all five of Evidence of Revision this week. Lots to think about. Very well done. Whoever made it didn’t try to do too much. I wish they had covered Chapaquidic (which was a political “assassination” of Ted Kennedy, I think) and the crash and killing of JFK Jr. in the 1990s. The Bobby Kennedy stuff was great. For a while I couldn’t figure out why the woman in a polka dot dress would be so dumb as to announce that they killed him. But then I thought that if they wanted to quietly kill the Kennedys and leave no fingerprints they could have. But they wanted to do it in such a way that people would KNOW who did it. It was a warning to anyone else in the power structure in other words. I agree with those who said that too much emphasis on Johnson being responsible. He wasn’t big enough, he was just the hired killer of the higher ups, I think. But the filmmakers were using television footage and no TV show would tie it in with the Bush family or with the zionists, for that matter. Speaking of Zionists, what a two-for-one deal for them to mind-control Sirhan and get rid of RFK and demonize Palestinians at the same time! One part that blew me away was the interrogation of that poor young woman who saw the woman with a polka dot dress. What a great thing that that tape was preserved! It was chilling in the extreme and very revealing. Watching all five together made it more clear to me why “they” saw the Kennedys as such a threat. The Kennedys played the power game, just like any of the other crime families, but they did it in order to really reform the system. That was one of the things that infuriated the Johnsons and Nixons of the world. They saw the Kennedys doing the same dirty deeds they did, but seeming to get away with it with their glamour intact and with an aura of true reformers, whereas the Nixons, Johnsons, Bush’s just seemed sleazy. True psychopaths couldn’t see the difference. I also learned tons on Jonestown. I couldn’t figure out Jonestown at all when it happened, but unfortunately it is now all too clear. It was a test run for plans they have for all of us.”

    “I watched this documentary recently and found it to be excellent. The amount of rare archival footage unearthed is staggering. I read *Farewell America* at the same time and together they painted a vivid picture of the times.

    Highly recommended!”

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