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by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

In about a year and a half from now, my wife and I, will be at the Wigwam Resort from 30 July to the 3rd of August 2015.

We are inviting anyone from the Saigon Days,

  • American Community School alumni,
  • Brent School alumni,
  • French Kids,
  • Dalat School alumni,
  • Phoenix Study Group alumni,
  • America School Vientiane Laos alumni,
  • International School Bangkok alumni,
  • 3rd Field Hospital personnel and former patients,
  • Missionary Kids,
  • former Military personnel,
  • Operation Baby Lift Kids and their new families who welcomed them,
  • Father Crawford’s Kids and those who assisted them, and their adoptive families,
  • all other members of the International Community in Saigon during the years from 1955 to 1975.

Bring your sons and daughters, grand kids, relatives and friends to meet us there.

The Wigwam staff told me that their room rates for 2015 have not been published yet, but a “Casita” would probably run between $75.00 to $100.00 a day. Reservation for “individual rooms” can start to be made in September or October 2014.

If a group rate were set up, it would require at least ten rooms being reserved. Group rates and reservations can be established and made at any time. For the time being, I will leave it at the “individual reservation” method. If enough people contact me about a desire to go, I will then look into a group rate. The same being said, if any organized functions are desired. At the moment, I only know of two people who will be there (Frank and Suzy Q).

Now, many of you are probably wondering why this is being brought up so early.

  1. It is just my nature to plan for things in advance.
  2. I want to give everyone a “heads-up”.
  3. Time is “flying by” and July 2015 will be here before you know it.

I will send more information about the Wigwam and the Phoenix area later.

The “Blue Moon” is on Friday, 31 July 2015.

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17 comments to *LAST HOO-RAH* REUNION 2015

  • molly greene

    Is this going to be posted on the Saigon kids Facebook page?

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    I would be interested too, but it is still a good distance out so it sounds like Sept.-Oct. 2014 might be a good time to weigh-in.

    What happened to the Las Vegas reunion idea?


  • Maile Doyle

    Count Bill and me in. Would love to visit about VN again with those who were there – 🙂

  • Sandy Hanna

    Ok – Where is the Wigwam Resort? Love the idea and hope I can make it…to wherever it is. Thanks. Sandy

  • Christy Kent

    Sounds wonderful to me – fingers crossed that I can make it work: would love to. I will try to persuade Vicki (Shankey) Ouellette as well!

  • Bob Ritchie

    What about inviting the “Operation Babylift” Kids,…now contributing to the U.S. culture in their new lives, PLUS their NEW families that welcomed them.
    Cheers to all, “Boston Bob” Ritchie

  • Mike Erickson

    Frank, I’ve posted the link to this post on the Phoenix Study Group Facebook Page.


  • Mike Erickson

    I have Brent School friends and I will contact them on Facebook.

  • frank

    Mike, Thanks! I think we could could all have a great time by getting together at least one time. We all have a huge connection. I think it would be a waist to not have this happen. I would love to see many of my Brent school friends also (no I did not go there, but I knew some from Saigon and Tehran). Frank

  • frank

    Gosh Mike! I think I learned this in the Marine Corps, “We owe it to yourself”!

  • frank

    Yea Folks! I am serious about this thing! Once in awhile, I’ll think that why bother…no one really gives a “whatever”, but it would be nice to all who wish to get together only one more time! I will post when to get reservations…but remember, so far nothing is planned. Whether something happens depends upon you, not me!

  • Patricia Crosby

    Sounds great — if it is in Phoenix (really?) makes it more do-able — I’m in albuquerque.

  • Marie Perry Wright

    I would be interested too…will try to send on to others who were there later and during the evacuation in February of 1965. I think it would be very fitting…Wish it were closer to the DC area, but I’ve never been to Arizona, so that sounds exciting!

    • Tom Jacobs

      Hi Marie..
      I think you are the same Marie that hung out with my sister Mary Jacobs at ACS in Saigon. We are planning a trip to Saigon next spring. I’m sure Mary would love to reconnect with you..
      Tom Jacobs

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