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Philip Brady USAID Bien Hoa-1

One of our Saigon Kids who worked for Philip Brady in Vietnam is attempting to locate him. If you have any information about his current location and contact information, please share in the Comments Section below, or via the Contact Form.

Thank you.



  • Mike McNally

    Newsday says Philip Brady is associated with Port Washington, Long Island, New York.

    WHAT IT’S ABOUT Ken Burns (“The Civil War”) and longtime associate Lynn Novick — both are co-directors and producers of this film — interviewed some 80 people over the 10-year production span of “The Vietnam War,” their 18-hour-long film. Among them are two Long Islanders: Philip Brady of Port Washington, an adviser to South Vietnamese troops in the early years of the war; and Joan Furey of Port Jefferson, a second lieutenant and nurse attached to the 71st Evacuation Hospital at Pleiku.

  • Mike McNally

    Here’s a Philip Brady, age 78, associated with Port Washington, and with a Vietnamese name in his family profile. It says he’s in Palo Alto, CA, where Stanford University is located.

    Philip Owen Brady
    Age 78
    Lives in Palo Alto, CA
    Used to live in Washington, DC, Berkeley, CA, Port Washington, NY, Los Altos Hills, CA, Hoboken, NJ, New York, NY, Topanga, CA
    Related to Denis Brady, Diep Nguyen Brady, Lucy Omalley Brady

    • Mike – That is probably him. According to the 1940 Census Philip Owen Brady was born in New York state in 1940. That would make him 77 or 78 y/o today. Diep I would guess is his wife.


    • H.Clark


      I just sent Bob and thank you note that I’ve successfully made contact with Philip Brady. It has been a long awaited happy ending despite the Viet Nam War.

      I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you also, Mike, for your efforts in locating Philip. He and his wife, Diep, are indeed living close to my husband and I. Thanks to you, and Bob, we will be able to meet again after all this time in the very near future.

      Thank you again,


  • H.Clark


    Words cannot express my most sincere gratitude. It’s very kind of you.

    I would humbly add the Vietnamese subtitle in the bottom of his photograph reads:

    Lieutenant Philip Brady
    From Port Washington, Long Island, New York

    Also, it might be helpful to know Philip Brady was in the U.S. Marine. He received a Valor Award for gallantry in action, in the battle of Binh Gia on 31 December 1964, in the Vietnam War. Please read more in this link below:

    I hope someone has his contact information.

    Thank you again very much for your help.


    • Huong … it’s our pleasure 🙂

      I think Mike has found him. Appears he is not too far from you. Also appears he has a Vietnamese wife.


      • H.Clark


        I believe in miracles and chances, didn’t I?

        I’ve met Mr. Brady’s (Vietnamese) wife and his son, when he was about 2 years old, only once. I remember vividly he was holding a young chick in his tiny hands and playing with him. His wife whom I thought was Ly, but Diep definitely rings a bell. Memory fades and floods back. I remember well the (then young) faces, the people and places, but not so much the names. We were all young… once. We look so different after 50 years. LOL. Even his voice on TV sounds different, of course. Without the old photographs, I would have missed him again for the third time (twice as recounted in my A December in Bien Hoa story).

        And who did say it’s a small, small world? Do you believe in chances? Of all the places in the world, the chance of them living in California near me in within 32 miles is wild. John and I are thinking we will respect their privacy and write first a letter to them and then, we’ll see.

        I was a Saigon Kid, then a Bien Hoa Kid when my dad transferred to Bien Hoa. I was about 10-12 years younger than everyone else when I went to work at USAID in Bien Hoa after my dad passed away, so 78 is right on for Mr. Brady. After a short time in Bien Hoa, I went back to Saigon to work, became a Saigon Kid all over again in all of my new offices. Forever young. LOL.

        Thank you Bob and Mike, once gain.


        • Huong – It’s been my experience telephoning works best. People in today’s world don’t have a privacy issue with it. Plus, it lets you know right away if the phone number is still good. If it’s not then the address may be out dated also. Or, sometimes people move to a new home, but keep the same phone number.

          Since starting this site, I’ve phoned a lot of people while locating Saigon Kids. I’ve never had anyone get upset because I phoned them. They are always happy and glad … saying things like “this is the best day of my life” … etc. etc..

          So pick up the phone and call Phil – it’ll make his day to hear from you after all this time – 🙂


  • Mike McNally

    Diep Brady, 74 years old, Palo Alto CA….

    Our top match for Diep Brady is an individual named Diep O Brady, 74 years old, related to Lucy Omalley Brady, Philip Owen Brady, Brigitte Linda Brady-Harris, Darren F Brady-Harris, Terry Lou Leuenberger, and Theresa A Misiak. We found Diep in Palo Alto, CA, 94301.

  • Mike McNally

    This gives Mr. Brady’s age as 84. Here’s his phone number and address from White Pages online.

    Philip O Brady
    Age 84
    (650) 838-9228
    ( ) –
    See mobile number with Premium
    436 High St Apt 104
    Palo Alto CA 94301-1667
    Neighborhood: Downtown North

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