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Lost Friends

I know that Bob is going to give me hell for posting this but I just have to if I want to try and find a couple of, yes, ladies of the past.

Does anyone have a lead as to the whereabouts of Susie Hunt and Malcomette Friedman Susie is listed in the 1962 Gecko and I dated Malcomette when I came back to Saigon in the summer of 1963. I believe Susie’s dad was a LtCol in either the Army or Air Force and Malcomette’s dad was a Capt. in the Navy. I am posting a photo of both in my photo album (Click Here To View)

Oh two more to think about….the Malone sisters, Mary Kay and damn, can’t remember her name but she was older and I don’t believe she attended ACS.

Actually, as I look through by 1962 Gecko, I see a whole bunch of names that are not listed in Roy’s directory: Anne Stephen Fox, Frank Durham, David Queen, Freeling Clower (actually I have info on him…I’ll contact him), Mary Ann Schmitt, Karen Ann Walther, Harvey Brown, Gerald Hall, Heather Harris, David Holle, Jean Ibbetson, Lelia Lawerence, John Lorenzen, Barbara Penson, Kristin Walther, Barbara Crosby, Carel Hammond, Jeff Johnson (Steve should know where he is), Sheila Keberline, Jean Langan, Michele Laughlin, Sandra McClure, Ted McQuaide, Cynthia Parke, Sara Schug, Barbara Stockman, Jeff Toussaint, Michael Winchester and those are just the High School kids.

Don’t get me wrong…all the work that has been done by everyone in tracking down ACS kids is great, but it would really be wonderful if we could find as many as possible. Color me crazy, but I am so enthusiastic about all of this and I don’t know why. Its only been in the last few years that I began to think about those days…might be after looking through my collection of year books (Hell, I still have a 1955-56 annual from Baghdad, Iraq when I was in the 6th grade). Isn’t the internet wonderful. I also have tried to link up with some of my Army buddies (at this site) but with less success  and with class mates from my Dalat school days.

Well, I guess you all have better things to do that read the crap that I write. But I do wish everyone a good Sunday (I already put 90 Ks on the motorcycle today). Sun was shining but its cloudy and cool here in Germany….Hope the weather is good by the middle of June when we are off on a two week vacation to SYLT.

Ciao. Ken

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    Yep, I agree Ken … there are hundreds of Saigon Kids yet to be located. Not only the ones who where of High School age, but also the younger ones. As well as, those who came after we all left. Appears we could use a Saigon Kids Quest section … hmmmm


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