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Brooks says … many thanks

It amazes me how much wonderful energy Roy, Bob et al have put into keeping us all in touch. Thanks especially to Ken Yeager, who’s encouraged me to join this blog. Blogging is something I’ve never done before. Hello, too, to Bobbie up in cold land. Bobbie, I’ve been wearing shorts for almost two months now. Fortunately, it’s not so hot here in Austin that I’ve had to turn on the a/c yet. Took my 3year old grandson to Barton springs yesterday. It’s a year-round spring-fed pool with a constant water temp of 68 degrees. Activists are constantly trying to protect the water quality from over-development, a constant challenge. I’ve been swimming there since i quit jogging in the late 70’s. bBeautiful, peaceful, spirit-renewing and 5 minutes from my house. A short post-Saigon bio: went straight from that wonderful, international free-for-all to a small town in southern Georgia to finish off high school in l964. Florida State in Tallahassee for a year, then graduated from University of Texas in Austin in l968. Been here ever since. Married a motorcycle enthusiast, who bought a Yamaha dealership in l970. Two kids, one of whom works daily with Bill. My daughter is a long-distance 18-wheeler driver. I spent twenty years or so as a neighborhood activist and general rabble-rouser. I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years and am into movement, watercolors, and photography. had an amazingly successful show last December that I’m still recovering from. I don’t want to take the fun out of my pastime. That’s all for now…best to all… brooks

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  • Admin

    Hello Brooks! 🙂 Welcome!!

    Great to see you on our Blog! Great post for a first time Blogger 🙂 See how easy that was?! 🙂

    Have a fantastic day!


  • Admin

    Brooks, if you have not signed up for the Newsletter, yet. Please sign up thru the “Newsletter – Subscribe” link on the Menu over on the right side of this page ———>


  • Ken

    Now Brooks, don’t blame me if you’re flooded with comments, letters, emails, phone calls etc. just because you’re now a blogger.

    The pain in my neck isn’t something for a masseuse, it’s that damn squirrel….

    Be good – Ken

  • Ken

    Brooks, I always though Brooksie sounded cute…still does to me. ken

  • Hi Brooksie!!!
    You will always be Brooksie to me. How are you? You’re not kidding this is a cold place, I’m not sure we will ever see summer again. Our cabin (close to Yellowstone National Park) still has four feet of snow. You make me jealous in shorts!
    I would have loved to see your wonderful show. I still have the photo’s you gave me hanging in my office. Haven’t retired yet. This is my third term as County Treasurer, but I think I will retire after this term is over. I really don’t want to run in an election again. You really can burn out in Politics after so many years. Take care my friend – I will blog again.

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