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Mark Humphries – Phoenix Study Group Saigon Kid Reporting From Saigon Massionary Reunion

Mark is currently in Saigon and sent this note …

“I attended PSG from 1968 to 1973. I was there for first, third and fourth grades at the Cong Ly location. I was a missionary kid so I was back in the States in 1971 for second grade during my parents one year furlough. I am writing this from Saigon, as me and my mom together with about 20 other former missionaries are having a reunion celebration. The city has really changed, with many new hotels, restaurants and businesses. I am having a great time being back in the city of my childhood. I will try to locate the old Cong Ly building tomorrow and take some pictures.

Mark Humphries”

For those of you who don’t already know this, the Phoenix Study Group is the school system that was in Saigon after American Community School closed in 1965.

Mark, thank you for sharing your reunion with us. We’ll look forward to seeing  the pictures you send.

Have a wonderful reunion and visit in Saigon 🙂


7 comments to Mark Humphries – Phoenix Study Group Saigon Kid Reporting From Saigon Massionary Reunion

  • Mike Erickson


    I attended PSG the last year of its operation (1974-75). I assume you are the brother of Matt Humphries. Diane Casebier (whom I think you may know) and I tried to contact Matt but were unsuccessful. I created an e-mail group for former PSG students around 2002 but am closing the group this year or early next year. We are now communicating via two Facebook groups (Phoenix Study Group and Phoenix Study Group, Saigon). Additionally, the American Community School alumni have graciously and kindly allowed us to participate in the SaigonKids group website/blog.

    -Mike Erickson

    P.S. By the way, since you attend PSG earlier than I did, you may not know that the school ended up being located at 3 address: 209 Hien Vuong (the Administration Building, 5th-8th grades, and the high school students); 192/194 Cong Ly (1st-4th grades); and 66 Doan Thi Diem (Kindergarten). The last student population statistics on the school: as of October 1, 1974, there were 213 students in K-8, 30 students in 9-12, and 12 students due to arrive.

  • Mark Cline

    I went to PSG in Saigon from 67-68, but my parents sent us to Dalat School missionary kid school) in Malaysia after Tet 68. I was there during Tet, as an 8 year old not really understanding war, I thought it was pretty cool. I remeber the smoke that filled the sky every afternoon, the A1E Skyraider planes that divebombed the park at the end of our street. No electricity or water for two weeks, sleeping under the dining room table when the rockets were shot into the city – oh what fun!!

    I wish I could remember my friends names – but I don’t. I was in second grade when I started in early 1967, and middle of third grade when we left in Feb 1968.

  • Mike Erickson

    Hey Mark and Craig-

    Mark, that would be every interesting if you could find the building on Cong Ly. There was an article about your reunion in the Baptist newspaper. If you didn’t see it, tell me.

    Craig, as indicated in my previous posting there are two Facebook groups for former alums of PSG. I’m also in contact with some alums who are not on Facebook. If you remember any of your former classmates or are in touch with any of them, I would be interested.

    • Admin

      Mike E. – if you want too, you can now ‘bookmark’ this post to your PSG Facebook groups using the social bookmarks ‘Sharing Is Caring’ under the Post. There is an Icon for Facebook in them. If you don’t know which one it is, just hold your mouse over the Icons and a window will tell what they are … then click the one for Facebook. Bookmarking to the PSG Facebook groups might help to re-connect folks in the PSG Facebook groups with other from this site who attended PSG, etc. … just a thought 🙂


  • Elizabeth Respess

    Does anyone remember the Jardin d’Enfants on Doan Thi Diem Street? I don’t have a street number, but remember it being a large white house on a corner with a low wall. I lived at 48 Doan Thi Diem and would like to figure out which block it was on and what side of the street it was in relation to the school. My amah used to take me by cyclo every morning. I recall it being on my right as we traveled from my house. The Saigon guide book notes that it was run by French Red Cross nuns. The only internet references I can find are for the orphanage at that location established in the late ’60s. I attended from ’61-’63.

  • Katie Gibbs

    I went to (what I called) “The Phoenix School” from 1974 – 1975. I was in first grade then. I lived at 37 Le Quy Don, which was 2 or 3 blocks from “Reunification Palace.” I’ll NEVER forget the day in April 1975 when the plane flew over low and bombed that palace. I spent many days at the CRA (I think that’s what we called it), where there was a huge pool and the PX and the restaurant we went to every Friday night. When we first moved to Saigon, we lived at the Duc Hotel for a few weeks until our house on Le Quy Don was ready. I haven’t been back, but my sister (Anne, who was in 3rd grade that year) has. Our house is now a cafe. I’ve always wanted to be in touch with others who lived there as young kids during that time. My email is katiemgibbs at hotmail dot com.

  • John Bauer

    Hey everybody. My brother Roy just told me about this site. Glad to hear from all of you. I left in 1971 to go to boarding school in Switzerland but came back for Christmas, Easter and summer. I used to hang out with Billy Skinner and Jesse with the green motorcycle.

    I am in Orange County CA now.
    cell 949-274-4796

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