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Mike Dunn Says …

Thanks for the newsletter, blog, and all the humor.

It’s all great. I remember you from the Teenagers softball team. I was 15 going on 16 at the time I was in Saigon, and was in the class of 62. However, we arrived in Saigon in November, so I had to start school in the second semester. I only took two courses: 11th grade English, and Plane Geometry. We left Saigon one year later, in 1961, and when I got back to the States (Fort Carson, Colorado), I was put in the class of 63.

Since then, I graduated from West Point, in 1967, spent nearly 25 years in the Army, two more years in school after retirmement, then the past 14 years teaching Special Education, in San Antonio, Texas.

I’m attaching a picture of some of my family. My wife, Yen, is the sister of our Vietnamese buddy, Jacques (he now lives with his family, in Channelview, TX).

Thanks again.

Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn

3 comments to Mike Dunn Says …

  • Ken

    Hallo Mike, I have a photo of you on a small motorbike so I am assuming that we meet before you left Saigon, although to be honest I can’t recall.
    The photo shows a lovely family – congratulations. Now tell me, how did you post the photograph?
    Regards – Ken

  • Admin

    Ken, I’ll be posting a “Blog Tips” next week with instructions for posting pictures to our Blog.


  • Mike Dunn

    Ken, I just attached the photo to my email to Bob. He, then posted it on the site, I’m guessing. I remember you as the son of one of our softball coaches, the older, shorter, Ken Yeager. I think you were on the team, also. Did you have a career in the US Army (I saw the Army logo on one of your pictures, on that leather biker’s jacket you had at the motorcycle meet). I was in the Army for nearly 25 years, and am getting close to the end of my second career as a public school teacher. Hope to see you at the Saigon Reunion next spring.

    Mike Dunn (

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