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Mike to Ken …

Ken, I remember you as the son of one of our softball coaches, the older, shorter, Ken Yeager. I think you were on the team, also. Did you have a career in the US Army (I saw the Army logo on one of your pictures, on that leather biker’s jacket you had at the motorcycle meet). I was in the Army for nearly 25 years, and am getting close to the end of my second career as a public school teacher. Hope to see you at the Saigon Reunion next spring.

Mike Dunn

2 comments to Mike to Ken …

  • Admin

    Hmmm … now tell me Mike, when did Ken have time to play ball? LOL … with his heavy social life of chasing ‘lovely ladies’ … I find it hard to believe he had any time to play ball … hahahaaha 🙂

    Good to see you visiting the Blog and contributing … stop back often


  • Ken

    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for the info re squirrel-resistant bird feeder. I saw a good one in Florida when I was home last January that was great. The weight of a squirrel at a perch access point would cause the outside of the feeder (made of metal) to pull down, thus blocking the hole where the bird seed was located (not a very good description but accept it please).
    Public School teacher??? That sounds more dangerous than being a squad leader in Vietnam!!! Let me guess….history teacher? What grades? and what subjects?
    My dad played on one of the teams but I don’t recall him coaching unless it was before my mom, sister and I arrived in Saigon. Always lots of laughs when dad would be at bat and I was catching…I loved to rag him between pitches. Good memories.
    No career in the military for me. I did my three years (1966-69) with a year in Vietnam. My professional life was in the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service (32 years). Take a look at my blog collection and there is a brief outline of my past, if you’re interested.
    I didn’t think too much about my past service until after 9/11 and then I started to take pride in having been in the Army. Joined the VFW and added some of my Army memorabilia to my motorcycle vest. Can’t really say anymoe about that.
    My wife and I live in northern Germany, just a bit outside of Hamburg in a small village called Grosshansdorf. My wife is originally from the Hamburg area and she wanted to settle here after following me around the world for 25 years and here we are. It’s nice here…horse country, farms, but yet close enough to Hamburg for evenings out.
    Thanks for the blog reply. I wish you and your family all the best in the future. Ken

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