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Mimi says …

Mimi wrote these Comments under another Post on the Blog which will probably get buried in the Archives. But, her comments cover several other Posts with information that I think will be of interest to all … So, I’m Posting them here as a separate posts for all to see …


“JEAN” in french is a man’s name…you guys…lol!

Jean is a dear friend of mine, that I have not heard from in several months( and was beginning to worry) I am glad he subscribed to the blog.

For Jean: Salut Jean, tu pourrais donner des nouvelles de tps en tps, t’embrasse.

To ken who asks about vietnamese spelling…it is nuoc mam, literally water and fish, man being a small sardine.

To those who wonder about the 33…it was made by the french Brasseries générales de l’Indochine,may be Pierre Bardouillet, whose father was the general manager of the BGI, could tell us where the name came from..but I doubt they had any dangerous chemical in it, as most of the french drank it also.

I’m very impatient to see the rest of the videos, as I am not too familiar with the military compounds and bases we have seen so far.

xxx to all. mimi


Mimi … thanks for letting Frank know ‘Jean’ is a guy … LOL … I was waiting to see how long it took for him to realize it … ha ha ha 🙂

Yes, it is great having Jean here. I’ve not seen him since I left Saigon in 1961.

Well, if MAN is a small sardine then what is WOMAN … LOL (or, do I detect a typo above? hmmm? … lol )

RE: “33” … yes you are correct about BGI and 33. Heineken either merged with, bought or founded BGI as part of there Asian and International brewery expansion program during the 1940s and 1950s. From what I’ve learned 33 Export was first put on the market in France in the early 1950s. Then about the same time was marketed in Asia too, along with “Tiger” and “Saigon” beers. It is hard to find much information about the original “33 Export” beer. I agree, we need Pierre here to fill us in about it. I imagine the greatly varied taste of 33 was a result of Vietnam water quality, more then anything else. Okay all you ‘beer history’ folks out there in the Blogosphere … stop lurking and come out here and help us with the history of 33 Export … lol

Yes, I know what you mean about the Deja Vu video series so far. Most of the places in the series to date were not even there when you and I lived in Saigon. But, they are familiar to some of the Saigon Kids that came after we left Saigon and to those who returned in the military services during the war, etc. In the next 10 parts of the series we’ll be covering the Saigon and Cho Lon central city areas 🙂


10 comments to Mimi says …

  • frank stoddard

    Sorry Jean. I hear French and I think women. Gosh! a person really can get in a lot of trouble on the Internet. From one sardine to another. ooops!

  • Admin

    Frank … “if you’re looking for trouble, you came to the right place … I was born standing up and talking back … my middle name is evilllllll ….”

    LOL … Name that tune .. who sang it … and in what movie????



  • frank stoddard

    Elvis! I think it was “King Creole”, but not sure.

  • Admin

    BINGO! Frank! … You are correct! You just won a case of Whistle Orange Soda Pop!!

    Mimi will personally deliver it and present you with your winning prize (right, Mimi? lol) … then give us a first hand report of … you wetting your whistle with Whistle Orange as you whistle … “I am a MAN” (oopps .. sardine) … LOL ha ha ha 🙂

    Have a fun day all …. 🙂


  • mimi

    I see that my typing dyslexia made your day, you “sardines”!!!

    Thanx Bob for putting my message forward. BTW is there a way to know when a new comment is posted, even in an archived post?

    xxx mimi

  • Admin

    Hi Mimi! 🙂

    I was just thinking about you … and, you appear … lol

    I just ended your ‘impatience’ for you … but, have not gotten the notice out yet … lol

    Thank you for making it a ‘sardines day’ for us … ha ha ha 🙂

    To answer your question: yes there is a way to see the new comments. I’ll explain in a separate Post.

    Hope you enjoy Part 6 of Deja Vu … 🙂

    Now I better get the newsletter written … nothing like not meeting a dead line … lol .. is there?! … ha ha ha 🙂

    xxx Bob

  • Sondra Shankey-Ewell

    When Vicki (Shankey-Ouellette)lived in Hull, MA (just moved to Plymouth in January ’08),she, Christy Kent and I went to “La Dalat” restaurant for dinner. Guess what beer we indulged in…33! It tasted just as good as it did in 1959.

  • Hi all
    Just a word for Mimi to say that Pierre Bardouillet ‘s father was not the general mannager of BGI but of “Distilleries de l’Indochine” (SFDIC) where my father worked too. :-))
    Congratulations for your site.

  • Admin

    Hello Philippe! 🙂

    Good to hear from you after all these years. Thank you for your comments! I hope all is good with you and your family. 🙂

    Please keep in touch and visit the Blog often … we all want to hear about and keep in touch with our FRENCH Saigon Kids too 🙂

    If you are in contact with any of the other French kids from Saigion, please ask them come visit with us on the Blog … I’d love to hear from them … as I’m sure all Saigon Kids would also.

    Again, good to hear from you … may your days be filled with happiness 🙂


  • Hi everyone,
    Some of you may remember “Beer LaRue” or, as we called it, tiger piss. It had a big picture of a tiger on the label and tasted every bit as… memorable as ba muoi ba.

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