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Monument Fire: Frank and Family Evacuate Home

I just received a message from Frank saying he got back Thursday night (June 16th) from his 8th annual Europe trip with 13 teenage students from the school where he teaches.

Upon arrival they were greeted by the *Monument Fire* rapidly moving toward their homes in Hereford,AZ. and mandatory evacuation of all residents.

Frank and family, along with other residents, evacuated their homes Friday (June 17th) to a safe zone.

The Monument Fire has claimed over 40 homes in the Sierra Vista and Hereford, AZ. area over the past several days; and, is expected to claim more before fire fighters have it under control. As, of yesterday (Friday, June 17th) they only had it about 20% contained.

If you Google *Monument Fire, AZ* you can view many videos people in the area have made and upload to video sharing sites.

Hopefully, Frank’s home will be spared by the fire.

I’ll update this post if I hear more from Frank or others in the area.


PS: Frank, if you are able to read this, you and yours are in my prayers!

Update recieved from Frank Sunday June 19, 2011 8:06 AM

Thanks Bob, for your thoughts.

We are back home and everything is fine.

When I arrived in Phoenix from London, I had several messages telling me about the fire. It took about three hours of driving to get home.

When I got to Hereford. Susan was at her Mom’s house. I could not see her because the fire and the Evacuation area was between us. She was able to get home early the next morning by driving around through country roads. Shortly after she arrived at our place, a fellow from the Border Patrol came by and told us we had to leave. We and our dog Shammy went to some friend’s house in Sierra Vista.. I was so exhausted, being still on “jet Lag”.

Several people we know lost their homes. We think our old home, where we lived three years ago might be gone. That area is still closed. The Federal, State, and Local governments did a fantastic job as far as I can see. Also, local merchants, schools, etc. have really come together to help. Some people will never recover from their loss, but no one was hurt. Some family animals were lost and of course several wild animals were destroyed. Most of the homes that were destroyed were very beautiful ones that some people had spent years building.

Susan and I are very fortunate.

Now we would like some rain. I think it was December when we had our last sprinkle. The monsoons are supposed to start in July. Of course they also bring a lot of thunder and lighting. The man who wrote “Ghost Riders In The Sky” was inspired by the monsoon storms in our mountains. I have been humming the song for the past two days.

Again, Susan and I are fine. The air still smells like Barbecue, but it is clearing up fast. It looks like “blue sky” ahead.

Below are some pictures a friend sent to me. Photo #1 is taken about 1/4 mile from where our old house is (was?).

The Chapel picture (#3) is sad, for Sue liked going there.


Click on images to enlarge them.

Taken about 1/4 mile from Frank's old house.

Monument Fire, AZ.

Sue's Favorite Chapel - Burned.

Monument Fire, Hereford, AZ

Monument Fire June 12 to June 22, 2011

This is a glimpse of the many images and video shot of the fire around Sierra Vista and Hereford (where Frank lives), Arizona.

The Antelope fire is also included.

There will be another version of this in a few days with more added.


Monument Fire Destroys Dozens More Homes
Coming Home

Thoughts from Places …
and Returning Home After Evacuation

To DONATE funds directly to the relief effort in Sierra Vista, Hereford and the surrounding area. CLICK HERE

Cochise County Sheriff, Larry Dever:
Monument Fire Started by Illegal Aliens or Smugglers

Read the Comments Section below for hour by hour, day by day updates from Frank

11 comments to Monument Fire: Frank and Family Evacuate Home

  • frank

    Thought everything was O.K., but wind picked up today. Can not see very far to the west because of smoke. We are still on evacuation notice .. but you know us stubborn (maybe stupid Americans) we like to stay at home! Yes Bob, I do still plan on cooking Susan and I a steak out on the Barbecue! After all it is Father’s Day! All my kids have called and of course they are worried, which makes us worried about them worrying! Ha! Can’t win! Very Smokey outdoors! Bob, I have enjoyed your emails about the songs…maybe you wish to post them! Later, Frank

    • Frank … great to hear from you. And, YES, I’ll be posting our email communications on here later this evening. For the past 78 hours nearly non-stop I’ve been *cleaning* my computer of a massive virus/malware infection that somehow slipped under the radar of my anti-virus/malware and spyware programs for a surprise attack – LOL – this one is a sneaky one, when you kill it, it automatically creates a *clone* of itself and worms it’s way to another file – damn Trojans! – LOL – 🙂 – I’m gonna try pouring Ba Moui Ba on next – (you know what our parents always told us in Saigon, “If you keep drinking that Ba Moui Ba you’ll burn in Hell!” – ha ha ha ).

      Laters man!

      Rock Onnn …. Saigon Kid … to the sounds of … *I fell into a burning ring of fire and the flames went up higher and higher la la la … * (Johnny Cash 1960s) – 🙂


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Frank, I wish you and all of the Daddies on this site a belated Happy Fathers Day. And of course, I hope with all my heart that you and your wife are lucky in regards to this fire. Possessions are very important to all of us but lives and health are more important so take care of yourselves, and GO when the fire department to do so. Keep us all posted, please.

  • Frank

    Had to move out yesterday (again). When we pulled away, I had tears in my eyes. Don’t know if was because I was sad, smoke in my eyes, or because I forgot to grab my new single-malt!
    More local businesses and houses “went up” yesterday. Our area looks like it will survive though. The winds were over 50 mph yesterday, but are very gentle today. Hopefully we can go back soon and the electricity comes back on.
    We left the house with very little. When you have a “lifetime” of “stuff”, one pickup load did not make since. It was a thought process of “all or nothing”. We “kinda” decided on “nothing”. I even wondered what it would be like to start over. Maybe it would be nice to have nothing…less obligation! Well, we are alright and hoping our closed off area will open back up soon. After spending two weeks with a bunch of teenager, I was really looking forward to being home. Now I’ll appreciate it even more! Frank

  • Frank

    We were able to come home about an hour ago. When we got out of the car, we were glad we could hear the waterfall to our small pond flowing. The electricity was on! Opened the front door to hear the song “WELCOME TO My WORLD” by EDDY ARNOLD. It was playing on the TV music station. Everything is just as we left it. Frank

    • Welcome Home, Frank! – 🙂

      I guess you could say, “Sue kept the home fires burning while you were in Europe” and “Hereford sure welcomed you back with a warm home coming” – LOL – 🙂

      Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kid to the sounds of … *My Latest Flame* (Elvis)


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    So glad for the good news from AZ. Evacuation makes a person make interesting choices as to what or what NOT is important, doesn’t it?
    Hope you all will remain safe and sound….written to the tune of “Fire” by The Pointer Sisters. Really entertaining when sung like Porky Pig,(Fi-wah!) ie. by sister Meigan.
    Stay well and we hope the monsoon season treats you well.

    • S’ellen – good to hear from you! – 🙂

      Ya’ gonna send us a recording of your sister Meigan sing like Porky Pig? – LOL

      Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kid … to the sounds of … *On Fire* (Van Halen)


  • elvera roussel

    I remember the great house you had on the hill and looking over to the lights of Mexico.
    I hope it survives also and it’s new owners are safe and happy also. Be well. Elvera

  • Mike Parker


    Best wishes to you & your family. Stay safe, our prayers are with you & all others affected by this terribe fire. I can somewhat relate because of the April 27 tornado outbreak in Alabama, particularly in the Tuscaloosa & Birmingham areas. We survived, but over 300 did not.

    Take care & God bless,


    • Mike – Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you and yours survived the tornado. You where in my thoughts and prayers when I heard about it on the news.

      Rock Onnn … Saigon Kid – 🙂


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