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Mrs. Shaffer and The Sounds of Music

While we all seem to be suddenly wandering around through our various 60s memories I want to thank Mrs. Harrison Shaffer for her many contributions to those memories. Remember South Pacific, anyone???? and the half dozen or so of us sweeeet young ladies dressed in sailor uniforms singin’ our hearts out to the tune of “There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Dame” in the ACHS parking lot while being filmed by American network news (CBS, maybe?) with that oh so stern guy with a rifle standing behind us – probably guardin’ us from whatever sailors we got those uniforms off of. Speaking of which, where did we get those uniforms, Mrs, Shaffer? I’m quite certain that if we had been sent out to “borrow” 8 navy uniforms that the first 8 navy guys we ran into would have gladly handed their clothes over on the spot – they were such gentlemen. Anyway, Mrs. Shaffer taught her first ACHS class in October 1963. Mrs. Shaffer always said that overseas kids needed music and the presence of the arts as much or more than those in the States. She was not referring to ROCK AND ROLL. So thanks for the chorus and the band and the musicals. Did we actually also put on the King and I or did I always go to school and burst into broadway tunes while greeting friends in the morning……There’s this one picture where I’m actually holding hands with (I believe) Bill Perkins and singing to him. Please tell me I was on a stage when that happened!!!

Harrison – hug your mom for me. And you couldn’t have been cast too far out because you wrote a column for the Beacon on the Tohatsu with its telescopic shock absorbers and fifteen to one compression ratio. Girls swoon over that kind of……..stuff.

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  • Admin

    Alice, thank you for a great post, and remembrance of a wonderful teacher who dedicated her life to instilling ‘knowledge’ in Saigon Kids (and others) though music and drama. What a blessing she gave us all with her gift of knowledge.

    Anyone else have memories of a teacher they would like to share?


  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I got in touch with Mrs. Shaffer this summer after reading your comments. She was quite pleased and surprised at the wonderful memories she brought to ACHS and people who were just trying to keep themselves together during difficult times.

    She’s still quite a lady and still active in music.

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