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News From Cathie in Saudi Arabia

Cathie on Al Khobar Corniche. Arabian Gulf. 26 March 2011

Cathie on Al Khobar Corniche. Arabian Gulf. Click to Enlarge

Hi Bob,

I wasn’t able to add info to the online newsletter and I wanted to attach a photo anyway, just in case you can add it. I figured I’d try this by emailing you directly.

I’m in the middle of my second year of teaching at Dhahran British Grammar School in Saudi Arabia. My role as Learning Support teacher basically means that I work with students on a one-to-one or small group basis to bring their academics up to speed; I also administer the school’s entrance exams. Here is a photo of me taken just a few days ago while I was strolling along the Al-Khobar Corniche of the Arabian Gulf.

I n a couple of weeks I’ll take spring break in Sardinia (can’t wait to have a taste of the freedoms that I miss here!) and summer plans are still in the works. Next spring another teacher and I hope to take 16 to 20 teen-agers to Vietnam for a couple of weeks. We’ll tour the whole country and will enjoy hiking, biking, and some kayaking. I haven’t returned to Vietnam since leaving it in October 1961 and am excited about the prospect of seeing the country in its entirety. I’ve never been north of Dalat.

I still keep in touch with former Saigon boyfriend Pierre Luvanvi, and we see each other about once a year now when I visit him in Paris. Pierre splits his time between Paris and Dakkar. Sometimes I also see Roger Bui when I am in Paris.

My sister Lynn is a school nurse in Houston, and she and husband Bob now have 8 grandchildren. My sister Susan lives in Cary, NC, with her husband Howard; they have a teenage daughter who is a freshman at High Point University.

Thanks again for making it possible for us to keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Cathie McIntyre
Saigon 1959-1961

9 comments to News From Cathie in Saudi Arabia

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Hallo Cathy or should I say Salaam? Glad you are in good health and enjoying your tour in Saudi Arabia. Never visited that country but transited Jidda one at night. Hope the political situation is not affecting your or your security and that of the school. Keep us posted. All the best – Ken

    • Cathie

      Hi Ken,

      It’s good to hear from you again. I’ve toyed with the idea of dropping in for a visit in July. Will you be at home? I plan to spend the summer in England, Serbia, Greece, and maybe France. Hey — why not Germany too?!

      • Kenneth R. Yeager

        We are at home in July except for the 17th. Let us know. For clarification, we are just a bit north east from Hamburg city, but on the U-Bahn (U1) line. July is a good month generally for Hamburg.

  • Maile Miller Doyle

    I am amazed at the vast experiences Saigon kids are unafraid of having in life! Cathie, you and Lynn were very good to me in Saigon, although we only knew each other such a short time. My daughter is soon to be moving to Houston, so I hope to reconnect with Lynn when I go to visit her.

    Keep your stories coming. Maile

  • Sarah J Rogers

    Aloha Cathie,
    So enjoyed your news and picture. It is amazing how Saigon Kids continue to get around the world.
    You will certainly enjoy your visit to VN after all these years.
    It sounds as if you feel safe in your adopted country and hope that continues to be true. Keep us all posted. Sarah (Bush)

  • elvera roussel

    Cathie, I am so glad you wrote in as I do not have a current email for you to update you on the documentary. please get in touch with me at ELVERAROUSSEL@AOL.COM. So much to tell you, ELVERA

  • elvera roussel

    Cathie, The email you have on the SAIGON KIDS web is not getting through, please get in touch with me,

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