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Nov 22nd

Hmmm…anyone remember where they were, or what they were doing on this day in any particular year? Like, say…1963?

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  • Ken

    I was in Washington, DC going to Prep School with the silly idea of perhaps West Point. I know where you are going.

  • Admin

    Yes, Randy, I know exactly where I was and what I was doing on Nov. 22, 1963 as we yelled into the phone to the Press Room – “STOP THE PRESSES!!!”

    I’ll post “The Story” here later of how one of the country’s leading newspapers at the time was almost the ‘only’ paper in the nation who – missed the biggest story of the day … LOL … praise the Lord for the little ole’ lady at the Five and Dime Store … LOL – 🙂

    More later … Rock Onnnnnn SKs


  • Tom Hanna

    I was in school at Kickitan High School in Hampton, Va. When I heard what had happened I was in my 6th hour gym class.

  • Burt

    I was four months into my freshman year in my dorm room at University of Rhode Island when a guy came running down the hall screaming his head off about the stunning news.

  • Harrison Shaffer

    My mother had just picked me up at the Cercle Sportif and as we were driving home tears welled up in her eyes as she told me the news had just come about President Kennedy having been killed. A year or so earlier my father had had the honor of escorting Vice President Johnson around Saigon, so we felt like we knew the man who would step into the President’s job. Our servants were Catholic, and they feared that Kennedy’s death was connected to the overthrow and assassination on Ngo Dinh Diem three weeks earlier–meaning trouble for Vietnamese Catholics.

  • Randy Seely

    Tom…interesting you were attending Kickitan. I was attending Ferguson HS in Newport News at the same time — also in gym class when the news came. We were all sent to Home Room, where we were told the news, and sent home early. Remember getting home to find my mom in tears, with the tv on…which began a long weekend glued to news reports trying to believe what we were all seeing!

    Bob…can’t wait to see “The Story!”

    Burt…thanks for answering! Stunning day, indeed.

    Harrison…I can only imagine what Vietnamese Catholics felt when the assassination news hit Saigon. We had Vietnamese friends, too, who, I’m sure, wondered what lay ahead for them. Unfortunately, since we were already in the US, we never found out.

    Interesting times we shared, huh, my friends? Best wishes! Randy

  • Sandy Hanna

    I was in Jr. High at a civilian school off the Ft. Monroe base. Can’t remember the name. I just remember thinking “if you have a passion and try to make changes they kill you.” Strange thing to conclude, but I stayed mad about that event for nearly two decades.

  • Tom Hanna

    I to was glued to the TV all weekend and remenmber seeing Ruby kill Oawald live on TV. I was stunned.
    Randy it is amazing you were living in New Port News. I have fond memories of the Hampten Roads area. The last time I was there they were taring down alot or the post housing on Ft Monroe getting ready to shut the post down. Very sad.
    You were in my 8th grade class at ACS weren’t you?

  • Randy Seely

    Hi, Tom! No, you’re probably thinking of my brother, Greg, who was more than likely in your class at ACS. I was in high school in Saigon… and,graduated from Ferguson HS in Newport News in ’65. My dad was stationed at Ft Eustis at the time.

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