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Obituaries: Frank Stoddard’s Brother John Passed Away

Submitted by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Southern Arizona Veterans’ Memorial CemeterySilas “John” Stoddard passed away on 15 September 2014 in Arco, Idaho. He was born in Anaconda, Montana on 26 July 1941. John’s early years were spent growing up in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. In 1954 he moved with the family to Iran where his Dad worked for the U.S. Foreign Service. John would live there for over four years and then return to the United States to graduate from St. Martin’s High School in Lacy, Washington in 1960. John would then attend St Martins College. John enlisted into the U.S. Navy in the early sixties and served over twenty-two years.

Upon John’s retirement from the U.S. Navy he pursued his interests in wood working and cooking.

Franks brother Silas John Stoddard grave stoneFranks brother Silas John Stoddard graveHis parents, Silas and Vertie and his two sibling sisters, who were his triplets, Jane and JoAnn, preceded him in death. John is survived by his son Silas G. Stoddard (Ananda) and his two twin grandchildren, Silas Liam and Ainslie Rai of Manistee, Michigan. His brother Frank (Suzy) of Hereford, Arizona and his sister Mary (Dale) of Port Orchard, Washington, also survive him.

A Military Service will be held in the Chapel at the Southern Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery on Friday, 17 October 2014 at 2:00 p.m.. Afterwards, there will be food, beverages and conversation at Frank and Suzy’s home out on Mescalero Road in Hereford, Arizona.

9 comments to Obituaries: Frank Stoddard’s Brother John Passed Away

  • Suellen Campbell

    My thoughts are with you, Frank. America has lost a patriot. We appreciate John’s service and dedication.God bless his family.

  • Michael Smith

    Although I did not know John during those Vietnam days, I would just like to pay my condolences to his whole family, I am sorry for the Lost of your Brother John, and may God bring you Peace, and Comfort during your time of mourning. Thank you for informing the Vietnam Families of America, God Bless.

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore


    So sorry to hear of your brother’s passing and hope you and your family are taking time to remember your brother with great stories that fill your heart with love. Please take care of yourself.


  • H.Clark


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.

    God bless.

  • Frank

    I guess that it was fortunate that I have stayed so busy that last month and a half. It feels very strange to have lost a sister and my brother all in the last year. My brother John and I had grown distant for several years, but fortunately for me we had been very close in the last few years. Our closeness was like when we were six or seven old, again. Yea!
    He has been very ill for sometime, but his death does not make it any easier. I truly loved him with all my heart! Yes, I’m going through the thought process that “I should have done more before he died”.
    The last month or so was the busiest I have been in some time. I think that has been good, for it kept me from being more depressed than I otherwise would have been. I, and my wife Suzy, went to the Wigwam Resort in order to start the organization of the Saigon Kids Reunion for 2015. (Hang in there, more will be coming soon!) Three days later we flew to Idaho Falls and rented a car to take us to Arco. (Arco was the first city lit up my Atomic energy in 1955 (most of you thought it was Hiroshima…”Dark Humor” lol, sorry!).
    I closed out my brothers Bank Account and Credit Union. Sold his pickup, got his 350 ford Van fixed, paid his hospital bills, paid his water, sewage, garbage, electrical, propane bills, paid his book club bills, donated over 2000 cook books (and his wheel chair), got title changes on his vehicle’s, loaded up a 26 foot U-Haul truck and brought it to a rented storage place in Arizona. I got a lawyer in Idaho Falls (Boy did I luck out with this guy!), about 75 miles from Arco, that was able to get me the court appointed representative of my brother within three days. Drove to Idaho Falls four times and Mackey (35 miles away four times). Oh, I am sure that I forgot stuff. I was so busy that I could only cry at night… My brother never threw anything away so over 500 bags went to the city dump. My wife Suzy helped me for a few days, and then she flew home. My Little sister Mary and her son Spar were a great help, but they had to leave within a few days.. My son Silas then came up and within a week we got so much done. Oh! Did I tell you that I also was able to sell John’s house. Of course I am still dealing with the Department of Defense, the VA and Social Security.
    Oh! In the mist of all this I was able to arrange John’s military funeral. By the way, His funeral was so wonderful. I think, when the Taps played, everything caught up and I lost it. Retirees are now aloud to salute. I did salute my brother, but half way through the taps I lost my salute for I was overcome with sadness. To lose a sister and my brother in less than a year has been a little hard! Roy said I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I guess he is right. I wish to thank everyone who has expressed their kindness to me and my family.

  • Frank

    Forgot to mention that on my way to Idaho, I bit down on a cracker and my tooth cracked from the top down through the route. Within a day I had an infection. My immune system is not what it used to be. lol In Arco, I was finally able to get an appointment for it to get pulled. Sure! Of course I now look like I’m from the back hills of Appalachia, but I felt instantly better when it came out. The weird thing was, that from the window of the dentist office, the dentist assistant pointed out the spot where my brother died.

  • frank

    This is the first holiday season that I do not have to struggle about what to get my brother for Christmas. I wish I still had the struggle!

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I’m so very sorry to hear about all the losses you’ve had this year (including your tooth).

    The best gift you can give your brother is to forgive yourself for not being perfect. You can cry. You can run away. You can plan a reunion (for others to also run away), but I’m sure your brother loved you “warts and all,” just as you did him.

    The next best gift for him is to share your memories. A person lives in the stories that are told. With your gift of storytelling, John Stoddard will become immortal. You, on the other hand, can continue to be immoral.

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