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Operation Eagle Pull and UFO’s

by Robert Richie (Guest Contributor)

I followed the adventures of the children from Saigon to the United States for the State Department.

I’m now retired and age 80 on my last birthday; and, doing research on my own biography.

In addition to following *Operation Babylift*, I followed *Operation Eagle Pull* the evacuation of our Cambodian Embassy which brought confusion to Babylift and caused the mis-identification of some of the children, leading to the term UFOs being applied to a number of children (Unidentified Flying Orphans).

However, we soon sorted it all out as best we could, despite the tremendous pressure from Congress to get the correct number.

Be assured that our Task Force members thought of each child as a special soul. Especially after the initial loss of life in the crash of the first flight out of Saigon.

I have so many questions that will have to be asked with the passage of time.

6 comments to Operation Eagle Pull and UFO’s

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing about your role in this important time in history. Let us know when your biography is ready.

    I heard LeAnn Thieman, LPN, CSP, CPAE. speak about her role in one of the baby lift flights.

    Also, did you see the CBS 60 minutes on 10-13-13 about the Citibank manager from the USA who helped evacuate all of his employees? Some were young children. Powerful story, too! The story about the VN evacuation is about 28 minutes into the program.

    After the American Community School, I attended Dalat High School for missionary children in January 1965. Our entire school was evacuated over Easter weekend that spring due to the danger US dependents were in after the bombing of the US Embassy.

    Where are you finding the primary sources about your topic?

    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      Are you Carolyn Chopard, Freshman in 1964-65 class? 1st thru 6th grade do not list first names in the yearbook. Just curious.

      • Carolyn Cathey Castelli

        Hi Ken,
        No, but I know Carolyn and Connie Chopard who went to Dalat. I was a freshman in 64-65 class though. Didn’t know there was a yearbook for that year. Is there one?

        You and I are FB friends, too!

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    No yearbook that I am aware of. Actually, I erred….I was looking at the 63-64 yearbook of which I have a copy that really belongs to someone else…LOL. I’ve offered to send it to the owner but he said not to bother.

    Have a good week.

  • Mark Butcher

    Hi Ken

    Really interesting site and info I was at Dalat- you were a senior when I was a Junior

    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      I remember you well. How the hell are you? And where are you? You can email me at krygwy [@] and then I will give you my home email address. Ken

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