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Passage Eden Cinema Now Playing: The Poetic Geography Of Saigon

The Poetic Geography Of Saigon

Written and Directed by: Richard Turner
(Clod Rique)

Presented by CLOD Studio-33
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4 comments to Passage Eden Cinema Now Playing: The Poetic Geography Of Saigon

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Beautiful job, Rique. Thank you for remembrances of the memories we Saigon Kids share and for your own memories shared as well.

    A wise friend recently told me, “Memories become memories unto themselves.”

    Even if that is true, I enjoyed the film immensely, the beautiful cinematic technique, engaging narratives and memories recalled. What a fascinating project and what a wonderful result.


  • Richard Turner

    Suellen and Bob,

    Thanks for the appreciative comments. Thanks too, Bob, for taking the time to put this on the website.


    • Hi Rique – My apology for not getting this on the site sooner, but as I may have mentioned in the past, I wanted to get everything set up on AWS S3 servers (for the best streaming) before I displayed the video on the site. You really did a great job on this project. But, I’m not sure very many of the younger Saigon Kids who were not part of the 1950s beatnik, James Dean, Elvis, rebellious rock n roll era can fully understand and appreciate it, even though the 1950s laid the foundation for all that followed afterwards. And, just think those of us who *came of age* during the 1950s got to experience the beginning of it all; and, follow the evolution through to today – awesome, it is!!

      Again, THANK YOU, for all of your work on this project. Very, very much appreciated! – 🙂


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