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by Ken Yeager (ACS)

Since there has been too little activity on the site and also since subject matter varies, I decided to do this. Here goes !

A few weeks ago there was an article somewhere on a German website referring to Americans fascination with peanut butter and questioning why it is so popular with us. Interestingly enough, peanut butter is widely available in Germany so someone besides me is eating it but I have yet to find any German to confess to liking it. My wife likes peanuts but not peanut butter … how does that work? I wanted to comment on the article but somehow it slipped my mind and I soon lost contact with the article.

Anyway, I write today to ask what people like with peanut butter. I personally like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and absolutely love peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. As a kid, PBJs also include marsh-mellow fluff but I gave that up a long, long time ago. I know some eat peanut butter with honey or bananas and I’m sure there are other combinations the folks eat. Of course peanut butter cookies are a favorite.

A couple of years ago I discovered a source for pure peanut butter, only sea salt and some vegetable oil added, no sugar. I buy a case and it lasts me a year or so. Really dislike the sweetened stuff.

So how do you eat peanut butter if you do? Just curiosity on my part. Oh, and another question, do you eat grits? A few months ago I found that even in Germany some US items are available on Amazon which is really wonderful … some things are just MUST HAVEs for Americans or at least for me.

Have a nice day.

15 comments to PEANUT BUTTER

  • Jay Oyler

    I like to take a fajita wrap and put peanut butter and a banana in it. Makes a quick snak and easy to take along.

  • I like peanut butter – organic, little or no sweetening – as a dip for apples. And of course as a PBJ, on coarse whole wheat bread. And sometimes mixed in a slurry with honey, on toast.

  • brooks toland kasson

    peanut butter sandwich with mayo and lettuce is a favorite. the mayo and lettuce cuts the gloppiness of the peanut butter.

    grits are a must with me too! lots of butter and salt and pepper. maybe some cheese.

  • judy bingham sears

    peanut butter: simply on a spoon; couple of spoonfulls, that’s lunch. yes, LOVE grits, anytime of day.

  • Jim Richards

    Good to hear from you, Ken, and good of you to weigh in on a subject of such profound importance and sensitivity. PB&bacon? Hard to imagine, but now I feel compelled to try it. I like it best with chocolate, a la Reeses PB cups. and I feel saintly when I eat it with healthy celery sticks.

  • Al Misker

    Try peanut butter, mayonnaise, and onion in a sandwich! Peanut butter on one slice of bread, mayonnaise (miracle whip) on the other slice, with a big slice of onion in between!
    Vidalia onions are especially good for this! Try it before you dismiss it!

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    What the hell happened? Eight days go by and no one says a thing about my submission and suddenly, six posts. What are you people doing all week?
    Some really strange combinations with peanut butter and not all am I willing to try, but I asked the question and you provided the answers. Thanks.
    I had forgotten about Reeses Peanut buttercups, but yes, that is a wonderful combination. Something that is very popular here in Germany is Nutella, a really sweet God-awful combination of chocolate and hazel nuts…do they sell it in the US?
    There are some things in life that just naturally go together…one combination that is a favorite of mine is a good cigar or pipe, an espresso, some milk chocolate and a glass of Calvados. When consumed in combination with each other while sitting in a comfortable leather chair in the cool of the evening (and in front of a fireplace if available) and while listening to good classical music……well, it doesn’t get better than that. Sigh……Good night!

  • Michael Gutter

    I can’t think of a better subject to respond. All of the above except with an onion (onions are allergic for me), are great. I frequently have smooth peanut butter on my rice cakes rather than using bread. It is one way to cut out the wheat in my diet. Then I can top it with anything I want be it bananas, jam or jelly, even a little mayo or a mild cheese. It goes well with cream cheese celery. All this plus Chai tea make a relaxing lunch.

    We have Nutella here in Nevada but I don’t like it as much a crunchy peanut cookies. 🙂

  • Frank

    Did you know there is a full (Blue) moon on 31 July 2015. I will give you what this may mean next week.

  • Frank

    O.K….I will not wait for next week…

    I will be contacting the Wigwam Resort next week. On July 31 (Friday) 2015 will be a Full Moon, but it will also be the second Full Moon in July (2015) which makes it also a Blue Moon. Saigon Kids Reunions in Arizona, Hawaii, and Tennessee have all happened on a full moons. My wife Suzy Q and I plan to stay at the Wigwam from 30 July through 3 August 2015 (check out on 4 August….5 nights). It is a great place and even in July in Arizona it is cool. I (we) are not going to organize a reunion! We are going to make reservations there and anyone who wishes to join us may feel free to do so. I am going out to my sisters and brother, cousins and nephews, son and daughters, and nieces and inviting them also. It would be great if we had a get together that included all generations. If Saigon folks from ACS, The French school, P.I. School and even the third Field Hospital are more than welcome to show up.

    I will be talking more with the Wigwam staff next week and maybe I can get room rates based on how many folks sign up before a certain date….Right now you cannot get a room that far ahead. But once I get a go ahead, it is first come, first served. Give me time and I will let you know when you can and all the details. If they give me a special code…which I’ll ask for, if so, if many folks sign up, I would be willing to organize a dinner dance, Dee J, or whatever. Again, this is in the “thought” stage, but I normally act pretty quick on my impulse.

    My number one child, Tanya, is 42 years old today (Birthday). Where has the time gone?

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Back to the peanut butter…I like mine on wheat bread (either toasted or not) with seedless blackberry jam…lots of it! We have found that we can catch rascally skunks, raccoons and possums in our traps with this concoction, too. The total is 95 varmints so far, without regular trapping. we could have many more if we tried harder.

    I also love the Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties, especially from the freezer. They are delightful mounds of peanut butter atop a crispy shortbread cookie and covered with chocolate. “Tis the season to order them, if you have not already done so.

    Note: Do not mistake the peanut butter sandwiches for the “patties” The latter are definitely the better of the two pb choices.

    As for “grits”…not a favorite of mine, but my husband ate 2 bowls of them this morning at the Cracker Barrel. Also interesting as to how folks like them…plain, or with butter, or with cheese and/or bacon/ salt, pepper. Some not-so-southerners even use sugar on grits. I can’t think that could be anywhere close to edible. Charles is a purist and eats his grits with butter an salt and pepper, but will occasionally put grated sharp cheddar on top, then mix in to melt.

    Does anyone remember Instant Ralston? Similar to grits, but less bland. They were tasty surrounded by a puddle of milk in the bowl and some sugar on top.

    Sorry we cannot make the Wigwam “reunion” as we will be on our way to the British Isles at that time. Have fun! Prelim plans sound great!

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Re-read the Wigwam info…2015, eh? Will ponder that!
    Sorry for the numerous typos on the previous note. My eyes are crossing. Bedtime!

  • H. Clark

    For hors d’oeuvres, peanut butter is fashionable in the dipping sauces in exotic cuisine.

    For example:

    – “fresh” spring rolls (Vietnamese);
    – skewered barbeque beef satay (Thai);
    – hot pot, shabu shabu (Japanese). In this dish, you would dip your favorite raw veggies, meat, tofu, or fish/seafood, in the boiling broth until cooked at the table, and then dip them in the sauce.

  • Bootsie McMains Parker

    Well, we’re all smart and interested enough to open up about peanut butter! I have to laugh at myself, hope you are too. I like PB anything. If it’s too sweet a mixture, I’ll mix it with something else to get it just right.
    I can’t speak about Germans and PB, I usually associate Germany and Austria mit Hazelnuss. However, I have read about the French and PB. “NO, NO they say, way too many calories. We cannot have our children eating it.” The French are not starving for protein, so, the kids don’t really need it in my opinion. Later on , PB will be one thing they needn’t fight for a beautiful and healthy body.
    I like apple slices, cheddar slices and peanut butter cookies.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Obviously, living in Germany or I suppose in other European countries, somethings that one has aquired a taste for are not always available on the local market. I happen to love a UK sausage that are commonly called “bangers.” A friend of mine from Brussels bought some for me and brought them here when passing thru on her way to Denmark. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), my wife does not like them so I get to eat them alone. The true Brit likes them with mashed potatoes, perhaps baked beans, and gravy. That is a bit much for me so I eat them (lately) with either grits or eggs. I have to admit to a sincerely liking for what is known as the artery clogging British Breakfast which often consists of bacon, bangers, fried eggs, fried bread, fried tomatoes, and fried mushrooms (did I forget anything?). Grits to not play a part of all this as grits, as you all know, are typically American (from the American Indians according to Wikipedia). Grits should be eaten with butter, salt and pepper. A few slices of bacon cut up along with a fried egg to enhance the taste, but just with butter, salt and pepper is just heaven to me. Good night.

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