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Boys and Girls (then), Ladies and Gentlemen (now),

Being the neighborhood oddball, I am most interested in seeing what some of you all look like after, say 40+ years. Art Driscoll’s comment in one of the posts was “I’m still tall” made me laugh…I was so certain that after 40 years he would now be short.

What I am saying is that while we can connect verbally through this blog, it would also be nice to connect visually….sure, some of use have lost our hair (include me in that), are heavier (include me in that), or whatever, but who cares…we are all in our late 50’s or sixties or perhaps a bit more, we have families and are at that point of age where what someone else thinks is really of not importance.

I for one would also like to know what you do or did professionally, where do you live, what did you do after Saigon, family info, etc. Even if I go to the next reunion and sit down with you over a drink and we chat for hours, it still won’t be enough, simply because not all of the folks I knew back then will be at the reunion and I really want to connect to my high-school colleagues (not that I want to ignore others. Please do not mis-read).

This blog and the Saigon Kids website have been great for re-introducing old (read former) classmates and friends and I have really enjoyed reconnecting. Who knows if we will ever get to see some of these folks again. Reconnecting is like reliving that great time of our lives, a time never to be forgotten…I am at times amazed at how vivid my memories can be for things that happened so long ago (especially when I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday). I know that many of you have chores and important things to do, but try and take a few minutes to bring us all up to date, post a few recent photos and keep in touch. I, for one, consider each and every one of you a part of my life and I don’t ever want to forget you. I goofed big time by losing you all for 40 years…now I want to know you again.

Forgive the rantings of a crazy biker….lol. Hugs – Ken

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  • Ken

    Obviously, no one is reading my junk or no one cares or everyone is too busy enjoying the summer. Ahhhh, such is live.

  • Admin

    Ken – I heard by the Grape Vine … they all went to a Ba Muoi Ba party at Frank’s place … and never returned …. hahahahahahaha 🙂


  • Mimi

    People do read, and it is not junk…on the contrary. 🙂
    I guess the problem is for some people, at least it is for me, that I am a bit ticklish about privacy. And this being an open blogue, anyone can read it. Always touchy to tell too much about oneself.
    You know what Ken, one of these days we will all meet and rewind the clocks, and everybody will know what everybody did or did not do!
    May be in VN…if I can ever decide whether I go or not.
    I don’t know about you guys but I am at the age where I very often want something and the contrary. Harder and harder to make up one’s mind-lol.

    Bob, dont get discouraged. Sometimes no news means…no bad news-lol- I know that when there will be something we should know, we can count on you. You would have made such a great journalist!

    Hugs to all.
    xxx Mimi

  • Ken

    Mimi – excellent point. I enjoy the blog and like the openess, but perhaps there could be some way to post information that is not open to the public viewing…Mr. Computer Nerd, are you reading this??? Seriously, Bob, any way?

  • Admin

    Ken – Sure, I’m reading this … lol … 🙂

    Actually, there has been a ‘private area’ of the Blog for sometime now. It is called “Photo Gallery” – which is a Password protected private section of the Blog that only Siagon Kids have access too. At the time I added it to the Blog everyone wanted a place to share pictures and comments, etc. which was only viewable by Saigon Kids. While a lot of Saigon Kids have registered in the Photo Gallery, unfortunately, few “participate” and/or “contribute” and/or “comment” and/or “utilize” it for anything other then their own ‘viewing pleasure’, etc. I could probably count on one hand the number of Photo Gallery members who have taken the time to fill out the “Bio” section of their Profile page – which is an excellent place to post the kind of information you’ve requested, Ken. … like where ya been, what ya been doing, since Saigon, how’s life treating you, what ya been up to lately … etc. etc. etc. Once someone completes the “Bio” section of their Profile Page in the Photo Gallery their Bio becomes viewable when they leave “Comments” in the Photo Gallery. There are a lot of features in the Photo Gallery which few, if any, use – things like being able to send personalized eCards with pictures from the Photo Gallery on them, or even other pictures folks have on their computers. All the instructions and ‘how to do it’ information for all the photo gallery features is available with the simple click of a mouse. It’s the same with the Blog – any registered member can write Posts to the Blog, but few actually do even tho it is so simple an 8 year old can do it – and they do. Putting a Post on the Blog is really just like writing and sending an email, etc.

    Yes, I could make the Blog a “Private Members Only” web site that nobody would have access to except Registered Members (as is the case with the Photo Gallery). But, then it would defeat one of the main purposes of the Blog – a place for Saigon Kids to locate and reconnect with other Saigon Kids. So, if it were a Private Members Only web site “nobody” on the Internet would be able to find it – and only those who were Registered Members would be able to view it. Then the problem becomes, if nobody can find it on the Internet, then how will there ever be Registered Members.

    In the end, Ken, these Blog sites are “cyber communities” – just like off line communities – they become what the members of the communities make them by their ‘participation’ and what they ‘contribute’ to the community.

    Just as in the the off-line world, there are a ‘few’ in each community who get involved in their commuity and actively participate in community activities – while most just stand around doing nothing to make their community a better place for everyone in the community. The same holds true with these Blog communities. Personally, I find it interesting that we have from about 60 to 100 Saigon Kids per day who visit our Blog, yet you see how many actually participate and contribute to our Blog community. Yet, they all enjoy the Blog and having a place to revisit the past with Saigon Kids. So, I suppose the Blog serves a different purpose for each individual.

    I hear what you are saying, Ken – It sure would be nice if more people communicated and participated on the Blog – but the reality is that no matter how the site is formatted or structured, a few will participate and most won’t — sad but true.

    It is, what it is – enjoy it for that …

    Ken, thank you very much for all that you have contributed and continue to contribute by your participation on our Blog – your efforts are much appreciated by myself and all Saigon Kids (even if most don’t say much as they lurk in the back ground – they do appreciate all that you contribute to our community).

    Rock onnnnn … Saigon Kid 🙂


    Mimi – BIG HUGS – you’re just as sweet today as you always were in that far away place called Saigon!!! 🙂

  • Admin

    Ken … you can ‘password protect’ individual Posts. If a Post is Password Protected anyone who wanted to view the Post would have to know the Password. So only those people the Post author gives the Password to would have access to reading the Post.

    Example: If you, Mimi and myself wanted to ‘share’ information ‘just’ between us three so that nobody else could view and read the Post and/or it’s Comments one of us could write the Post then Password Protect it – then email the Password to the other two. This would result in the Post Title “Only” being visible to all Blog visitors. Where the body (text content) of the Post usually is displayed – a “login box” would appear. To view the body of the Post and any Comments associated with it – the ‘secret password’ would first have to be entered into the “login box”. Only those who knew the ‘secret password’ would be able to view the Post and Comments, etc.


  • virginia wilson king

    Hey all,
    There were some additional pictures on one of the PSG websites that didn’t make it to the new site. They were from 73-74 and 72-73. One of them was Mrs. Brundige’s 3rd grade class and another was one of us all playing at recess also taken on picture day. Would someone mind sending that picture to me or posting it on the facebook page or in the photo gallery? My kids always think I’m making stories up about Vietnam and I would love to show them that picture. Thanks!

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