December 2023
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Radio CLOD33 Coming Soon – Maybe

Quite some time ago I had this idea to set up our very own Saigon Kids Internet radio station.

Unfortunately, right about that time is when all the problems surfaced about *artist copyright* infringement. The recording companies and the artists decided they wanted to be paid *royalties* every time a song was played on Internet radio stations, just like land based radio stations pay them.

So I put this project on the back burner while waiting to see how it would all turn out.

The good news is the larger Internet radio stations have reached agreements with the recording companies and artists regarding the payment of royalties.

The better news is I’ve recently been talking with one of the largest Internet radio channels where, for a nominal monthly fee, they will host an Internet radio station for us. Under this arrangement we will not have to pay royalties on a per song played basis – sweet!

I’m seriously considering entering into a contract with them to set up *CLOD33* radio station. But before I go to the time and expense I’d first like to get your feed back.

The station will broadcast 24/7/365. It will be a combination *talk* and *music* program (like the 1950s – 60s rock n’ roll stations). The music will be mainly 50s, 60s and 70s – plus a *request line*. I’ll be the program director and host/DJ (at least until I’m boo-ed off the air), along with other SKs who might want to guest or co-host/DJ. The ‘talk’ will be mostly the host/DJ flapping their jaws (about God only knows what -lol), along with phone interviews/conversations with SKs, and possibly other assorted individuals – lol. The station will have no political, religious or special interests agenda – other then the special interests of Saigon Kids, of course – lol. News will be *good news* only. A station *player* will be on the Blog here so you can tune in anytime you want too. Basically, just a fun good ol’ time station with the kind of music (and talk) we Saigon Kids enjoy – whatever that may turn out to be – LOL – 🙂

Just imagine tuning in hearing “HAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYyyyyyy DAAAAAYYYYYYyyyyyyyy Saigon Kids!” followed by continuous music with a little jabber here and there – LOL – 🙂

Whatcha ya think? What ya got to say about this? Ya like it? Ya don’t like it? Ya think I have a screw loose and need to be committed?!

Talk up Saigon Kids. Say what ya got to say. Let’s hear ya in the Comments section below …

Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kids …


1 comment to Radio CLOD33 Coming Soon – Maybe

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    A radio station where they play “good” music? What’s not to like?!
    Go for it, Bob.
    Rock On may have a new meaning with you as DJ. Good luck!

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