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Rant from Hereford, America!

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

My friend Carlos not only teaches U.S. Constitution and Free Enterprise, but is also are local high school’s golf coach. He took his team to “State” in Phoenix this Sunday, so I substitute taught for him. I just got home. My wife met me at the door with my staple, “scotch and water” and I put on the “Grateful Dead”. We are now just chilling!!

One of our favorite movies…I think a real sleeper, is called “The Music Never Stopped”. Most folks of our generation, I think, would like it. One of the actors, JK Simmons, graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula. I went to the rival school at Bozeman (boozeman). BUT anyways…Suzy and I got married 41 years ago in Missoula. I was 27 years old at the time. How time has slipped by!

Yes, married the day before Halloween and I remember that the snow really came down that night! That was on a Saturday and I had a big test at school Monday morning! Those were the days! Right! Just kidding!

Oh! Also found out that my son and his wife are O.K. in Queens, NY! Not that we lost any sleep over worrying about Sandy!

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  • frank

    Last night we had NO “trick or treaters”. I guess we live to far out in the boonies. Next year I plan on having See’s Candy for them. LOL
    I remember the Christmas and New Years Holidays in Saigon, but I do not remember Halloween. Even when I was stationed in Germany (in the 70’s and 80’s), I remember Halloween. My wife and I used to take our “shot” glasses and go down officer row and “trick or treat” at Herzo Base and Patton Ville, Germany. But again I do not remember anything in Saigon. When I was stationed in the Marine Corps, I remember the food at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, but nothing for Halloween! Oh well!
    I arrived in Saigon at 16 years old. I just came from an all boys’ boarding school run by the Benedictine monks and priests. Today that school is a coed College, St. Martins in Lacy Washington. (For historical reference, the year before I was there, the “Great Imposter” had been there. He was found out because they said he drank too much. I’m not sure how the other monks could tell. HeHe! Do you guys remember the “Great Imposter”? I think Tony Curtis played his part in the movie.) Well anyways, being 16 and coming from an all boys’ school, Saigon was very inviting. I must admit that all the beautiful girls that were there was like putting me in a “candy” store. That moment, that time I arrived, that time in Saigon was like heaven to me. If someone said that I had “flash backs” they would be wrong. I just never truly left. I have never lived before or since with so many beautiful girls around. I did well in high school (four different ones), I loved sports, but the girls of Saigon were awesome and a big part of my memory.

  • frank

    Of course Suzy and I will always miss…Montana..This song is about a place not far from where we were married…

  • frank

    We like Wyoming, but we love Montana and Arizona!
    This song had a great impact on me…especially when I decided to retire from teaching a few years earlier then planned. O.K. I’ll stop the rant!

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