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Return Of The Clods: Bob’s Back

The Clods. Left to right. Front Mike Parker and Rique Turner. Standing Bob Layson and Paul Christensen. Richard Turner collection. Saigon circa 1960.

The Clods. Left to right. Front Mike Parker and Rique Turner. Standing Bob Layson and Paul Christensen. Richard Turner collection. Saigon circa 1960. Click image to view full size.

and ready to Rock n Roll …

after winning my battle with the Shingles …

The associated eye infection which effected my vision has cleared up without any permanent vision problems. So now I’m able to spend more time on the computers.

A note to the wise. If you haven’t gotten the Shingles Vaccination (particularly if you are over 50 years old) – GET IT! There are no side effects. In the USA 1 out of every 2 people over age 50 will get the Shingles. The vaccine will not necessarily prevent you from getting the Shingles – BUT – it will substantially reduce the severity if you should get Shingles.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be catching things up here on the website. There is a good size back log of stuff that piled up while I was unable to be on the computers. Also, as you may have noticed we lost our primary financial sponsor – Amazon. So I’ll be looking for new sponsors to offset the costs of maintaining the site for your enjoyment.

I’ll keep you updated here on the blog and via emails as I wade through things to get everything back on track with the site.

Now … LET’s PARTY!!! – 🙂


26 comments to Return Of The Clods: Bob’s Back

  • Huong

    Welcome back, Bob!

    Where is the party? I want to see it. I can imagine the pile of stuff waiting for you. I bet you’ll find my stuff at the very bottom. I’m so happy that your vision has cleared up without any permanent problems. I am also happy to report I had my flu shot the first time ever in my life, and the shingle vaccine last week!!! I had no side effects whatsoever. Didn’t feel a thing, just a tiny dot to confirm I did get my shot. So amazing.

    The Clods still looking good!


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Bob, Glad you are getting better and especially that your vision is OK….being even partially hindered in that way would be awful..who cares about the computer…no driving, no TV, etc. Eyesight is probably the most valuable of all senses. Take your time in catching up…we will still be here (I hope). Ken

    • Thanks Ken! – 🙂

      Yeah, with eyesight we can’t scope out all those lovely ladies with a wiggle in their walk and a giggle in their talk … LOL – 🙂

      Rock Onnn … It’s PARTY TIME!


  • Al Misker

    Glad you are back and have won that battle! I ask, who on here is NOT over 50? lol
    Be well,

    • Al – Thanks. To answer your question: The lovely ladies. Why you ask? Cuz women stop having birthdays at 29. After that they celebrate the *anniversary* of their 29th – LOL – 🙂

      Rock Onnnn …


  • Bootsie McMains Parker

    So sorry you went through all that but I’m just as happy you’re better. My doctor had not received her immunizations when Glenn I were there yesterday. So we are off to the drug store.
    Take care and don’t let the work pile-up get to you.
    PS I know that name…Al Misker

    • Thank you, Bootsie – Glad you and Glenn made it to the *Doctor In A Box* at the drug store. It’s funny, I encountered the same thing. After my Shingles cleared up, my Infectious Disease doctor suggested I get the Shingles vaccination. She said she’d give it to me but her office was out of it so to check with my Primary Care doctor, or just go to the *Doctor In A Box* at the drug stores. So I phoned my Primary Care doctor who said he was out too, and directed me to the *Doctor In A Box* at the drug store.


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Happy to report that as of August both Charles and I are a flu shot and Shingle shot duo. I was a bit apprehensive but no side effects from either. Flu shot is a regular each year since I teach pre-school and with that enormous paycheck each month certainly don’t want to miss single day of work.
    Seen the Shingles in action and decided to give the immunization a try. Glad I did…not a single repercussion.
    Glad to come home today and find the Saigon Kids email… at long last. Really been missing the chatter, Bob’s commentary and of course, “Rock Onnnnnn.”
    Bob, you are a jewel and I’m glad to hear you are much better and with no side-effects. Yippee!!

  • jim lou

    I had an experience with shingles 30 years ago.

    It started as what I thought were pimples. Instead of getting better, they started to get really red and large.

    I went to a doctor, who told me they were a form of shingles.

    A shot took care of them.

    • Hi Jim … Yes, people under age 50 can get the Shingles too. But, younger people’s immune system is usually stronger and can fight off Shingles better. Generally, but not always, a younger person will not get the Shingles as severely as older folks. Glad to hear you were able to survive with only a shot.


  • Laurie Methven

    Great to have you back Bob! I agree with some of the comments – who isn’t over 50?! I’ve been wanting to get the vaccine but with no health insurance, am waiting for Obamacare to kick in to go to a doctor 🙂

    • Hi Laurie – Thank you. Well I’m only 16 (mentally – LOL) … BUT … my body keeps reminding me differently – 🙂

      Sorry to hear you are without health insurance. That can be scary. You might check to see if there are any programs in your area that provide *Seniors* with free (or near free) vaccinations. I’ve heard there are, but have never checked it out personally.

      Rock Onn …

  • Frank

    Bob, So glad you are back and hope you are in just as good a shape as when you went on Vacation. You sound like you are.

    I guess I should reconsider, but I always put off getting vaccines. I guess it is a “third culture kid” thing where I got so tired of taking shots.
    My wife just spent two and a half weeks in the Phoenix hospital, but she is now back home and we are doing fine.

    I swore, years ago, when I was sitting at my Mom’s kitchen table, in S.E. Idaho, surrounded by old relatives, that I would never do what they do…talk about illnesses and medication! Well I said I would not get a station wagon either, but bought a mini-van!

    • Hey Frank – Thank you!

      Vacation???!! If that was a vacation I was on, I never want to go on another one!!! – LOL – 🙂

      Get the shingles shot, man! Better then running the risk of getting a sever case of the shingles, which can many times result in *long term* sever pain — like in For Years — and having to live on pain killers (all of which have deadly side effects when taken long term). >>> Stepping Down From My Soap Box <<< - 🙂 Good to hear SuzyQ is home! Rock Onnnn ... Bob

  • Frank

    Laurie, Hi, I am Frank and I was in Saigon for my Junior year in High School and the summer of ’62 (“American Graffiti”)after I graduated. I now live in S.E. Arizona (almost on the Mexican Border…I really do see Mexico from my house! lol) When were you in Saigon and how old were you. Also, where do you presently live?







  • frank

    Bob, “Vacation”! Is that a “Freudian Slip”?… probably not,but I wish it was! But I promise… Suzy Q and I will take you up on this and get the “Shot”.
    If folks do not have health care, I think most communities have places where they can get free vaccines.

  • Kathy Conner Dobronyi

    Glad you are getting better. Also relieved that your eyesight wasn’t permanently harmed.

    Do what you can when you can. We can continue our patient waiting.

  • Cathie McIntyre

    Dear Bob,
    I am happy to hear that you’ve mended and there is no permanent damage to your vision. I had the shingles vaccine a few years ago and hope that’ll give me the protection I need. Last year a surprising number of my co-workers contracted shingles. Fortunately, most of them saw a doctor within the fist three days and got a correct diagnosis. One friend, however, had difficulty with symptoms for several months because it wasn’t recognized as shingles. So to all of you out there who haven’t had the vaccine, listen to Bob and me: get inoculated!

    Bob, thanks again for all you do to keep all of us connected through the newsletter.

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore


    Welcome back and hope you are doing well.

    Don’t think we ever met as I was in Saigon from Jan. ’61 to Aug. ’62 but we do have something in common and that is I got the shingles on my head only this past April and had to have my left eye checked every week as the shingles were near my eye and on the end of my nose. Did you know the nerve ending on the end of the nose connects directly to the pupil and if that nerve gets infected, you can go blind?!! I’m okay now and never had the shingles shot, but hear you can get it more than once. Right now, I’m sort of in Frank’s camp on this shot.


  • Frank

    Ruthie, I guess that means, what I found out, I can not have the shot! Frank

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