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Reunion Cancelled: 3rd Field Hospital Saigon

Submitted by Duane Thompson and Darryl Henley, 3rd Field Hospital Saigon

Hello all,

We are now less than seven weeks from the November 2013 dates set for the
reunion of the 3rd Field Hospital (Saigon) in San Antonio, Texas.

So far, not counting me, we have only received NINE registrations for a
total of 15 people (when counting accompanying spouses and friends). Two
months prior to the 2011 reunion in Chicago we had already received over
TWICE as many registrations for more than three times the number of

Even the hotel is concerned about the low number of room registrations
that have been made to date.

At this rate we will not be able to meet the financial obligations for the
planned activities. Therefore I have reluctantly concluded that we must
cancel the planned, November 2013 3rd Field Hospital (Saigon) reunion.

I will generate and send refunds to those nine people that have already
registered, and will return any additional registrations that I may
receive in the coming days.

For those that have already made their hotel reservation, they may be
cancelled without any penalty by calling the reservations desk at the
hotel at (210) 224-2500. For those that will still be visiting San Antonio despite the cancelled reunion activities, the hotel will graciously honor the same group rates offered for the reunion.


Duane Thompson

4 comments to Reunion Cancelled: 3rd Field Hospital Saigon

  • Ann Kelsey

    That’s a shame. Attendance might be being affected by the proximity of your reunion to the 20th anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in DC Veterans Day weekend.

  • frank

    Ann, Sorry you had to cancel your reunion. It must have meant a lot to you or you would never have taken on the task.. I know a lot of work was done on your part.
    I went to school in the buildings that would eventually be turned into the Third Field Hospital. Ann, I have a question, I was friends with a guy named Jimmy Nakayama, and his Mom and dad. He was depicted in the movie “We Were Soldiers”. We know he survived the battlefield in November of 1965 and died on his way home. Do you or anyone you know, might know if he died at the 3rd Field Hospital?…maybe in one of my old classrooms? He died on 17 Nov. 1965 threes days after being wounded. With the amount of burns that he suffered, would he have been sent on to Clark Air Force Base and then to Texas, or would he have been kept in Saigon?
    He was three and a half months older then me!

  • frank

    Sorry, we were told at the time that 2/3 of his body had third degree burns. We thought at the time that he must have been near a gas tank (in a jeep or something) that exploded as a result of an NVA or VC attack. It wasn’t until the 25th anniversary of the battle that we read in U.S. and World Report that it happened because of some misdirected napalm bombs. Officially he died by “misadventure”.

  • Cathie McIntyre

    Thank you for the effort to put the reunion together. I was one of those NOT planning to attend because I am living in Serbia right now, and I know you put a lot of work into making plans, including finding special rates at the hotel.

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