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Richard Turner Art: STILL IN SAIGON 1959-2015

Submitted by Richard Turner (ACS)

Get ready for the the Saigon Kids Last Hurrah Reunion with STILL IN SAIGON!

Former Clod-turned-artist Richard (Rique) Turner has put together over fifty years of art inspired by the two years he spent in Vietnam.

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9 comments to Richard Turner Art: STILL IN SAIGON 1959-2015

  • Turner’s retrospective is superb! I wanted to stop on each frame for further exploration and actually did stop the film several times. Thanks!

  • David Boudreaux

    Just amazing! The positive influence of South Vietnam clearly shines through. Truly engaging and enjoyable!

    • David,

      What a treat to hear from you after all these years. I was looking through some old photos that I’m probably going to take to the reunion and saw a shot of you and a beautiful young girl that I took at the airport on the day that Joe and Larry left for the states after his motorcycle accident.

      My wife and I visited with Larry Duthie and his wife earlier this summer. I am in regular touch with Paul Christensen. What have you been up to and where have you been up to it?



  • brooks toland kasson

    wow! what a wonderful lifetime’s worth of expression.
    thanks, rique!

  • Sarah Rogrers

    everyone has said it before but it is amazing how your art has been influenced for so many years by a short brief stay in Saigon

  • Barbara (Bootsie) McMain sParker

    Wow Rick. I always had the feeling you were “different”. What a breath taking talent you have. I too, wanted to linger on each piece, see them bigger, walk around them.
    At any rate, I remember you well, in Saigon, with your bongos and wise look in your eyes.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Hello Barbara,

    You are certainly one of the last people from Saigon that I thought I would ever hear from. We barely knew each other and I think that you left Saigon not too long after I arrived. Nonetheless, it’s good to hear from you after all these years. I appreciate your comments, especially about my being “different”. That’s what I seemed to spend most of my time in Saigon trying to accomplish. I looked at Saigon as an opportunity to reinvent myself and took full advantage of it.

    To get to the point, I distinctly remember what was my first Saigon party. It was either a birthday party or a going-away party for Ronnie Terrill (sp?) who was your boyfriend at the time. I remember walking into this party in some colonial mansion and seeing you kneeling at Ronnie’s feet either putting or or taking off one of his black leather motorcycle boots. He was slouched in a chair, perhaps with a beer in one hand. I remember thinking, “What is going on here? This doesn’t happen in Okemos Michigan!” For some reason that image of the two of you was one of the things that confirmed my resolve to continue pursuing my reinvention. There was something of an “anything goes” aspect to the experience for me.

    Do you have any memory of that? Did it even happen?



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