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Saigon Kid Drew Price Shares Memories Of 1st Grade At American Community School

Submitted by Drew Price

I remember Saigon VIVIDLY. I was in 1st grade, Now 55 yrs. old…I would be Happy to participate in any way I can..My Dad was CIA, which I didn’t find out (FOR SURE) until He passed in Nov. 2011. My address in Saigon was #12 Alexandre des Rhodes…Our Next door neighbor was General Stillwell, where We got airlifted (by helicopter) from His roof, the day after the overthrow of President Diem. So Many memories. I’m trying to find My “Gecko” Yearbook from then…I know it’s somewhere here. My 1st grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Stapleton

I, as well have a box of 8mm film from Saigon that I got from My Dad…I’m going to have them put on DVD..I can’t wait to see what’s on them..I know that My Mom had Madame Niu’s personal diary..(from the Palace) Gotta find that too. I also remember Pricess Seroya from Turkey was My Mom’s drinking buddy..(Johnnie Walker Black)…Strange how I remember this crap.

BTW…To this day, I remember having many Dinner’s at the Majestic Hotel. The smell of Sandalwood (which was what they scented the Napkins with) when the staff brought the steamed linen napkins after dinner..Is still ingrained in My Brain…Not to mention the French Pool..I think it was called “Circle Sportif”..As I’m typing this the Memories are coming back.

2 comments to Saigon Kid Drew Price Shares Memories Of 1st Grade At American Community School

  • virginia wilson-king

    I remember that pool! Remember how good the french ice cream tasted?

  • Laurie Methven

    For Drew Price…It sometimes takes me awhile to read thru these awesome newsletter. My Dad was CIA & is still alive. We lived in Saigon from 62-65 and I remember the Diem assination and have photos of us in front of the palace afterwards. My dad’s cover was blown when he was chief of station in Indonesia. He wrote a book on the lighter side of the CIA called Laughter in the Shadows. I went to school in Bangkok *&Saigon) with one of Stillwell’s daughters – Barbara – we ended up in the same high school in the US as well – Langley HS. I remember the circle sportif as well in addition to the riding club.

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