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Saigon Kid Frederika Dean asks

Frederika asked about how to do the following. So, I thought I’d answer her questions with a post in case others of you are wondering about the same things.

– How do I access my profile page? (I’m fairly new at this.)

– Also, I would like to make a comment (Post) on the blog (original comment [Post] – not a comment reply to a comment.


1. To access your Profile do the following:

– At the bottom of the Join this site with Google Friends Connect (located top left of blog page) where it says *Already a member? Sign in*. Click on Sign In.

– A new window will open. Look for, *You’ve previously signed into this site with ________ (i.e Google, twitter, Yahoo, etc.)*.  Now CLICK on the link that you previously signed in with.

– A new window will open with a *Sign In* form. Enter your Sign In information and Click *Sign In*

– You are now Signed In. Your Icon and Name will show at the top. Under your name Click the *down arrow* to open the Options drop down menu. Now select where you want to go to on the drop down menu.

– Once you finished Click *Sign Out* to log out of *Friends Connect*.

2. How to make an original *Post* to the blog (verses replying to a Post by leaving a *Comment*).

– For those of you who have not been given *Administrative Privileges* to Login to the Administrative Panel of the site, simply write your article you’d like to have Posted to the blog and email it to me. I’ll make it into a blog Post for you and send it live on the the site.

– If you’d like to write articles (Posts) for the site on a regular basis (such as Ken and Bruce do) then email me and I’ll set you up with access to the Administrative Section of the site and provide you with instructions about how to create Posts and add them to the site.

I hope this helps.

As always, you’re welcome to leave your Comments below.


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