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Saigon Kid Jim Turnbull Wants To Know …

by Jim Turnbull

Does anyone have any information on the Miller family. Mrs Miller(ALMA) was the Principal at the American Community School. Linda was the eldest. Joe was the middle child and Marilyn was the baby? I lost touch with Joe who was living in Bruceton Mills, W.Va. when we last spoke.


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  • Jim,

    A search of Public Records for West Virginia shows the following:

    Joseph Miller (age 66)
    Telephone: (304) 379-9621
    RR 4
    Bruceton Mills, WV 26525-0000

    Joseph R. Miller, Jr. and Freda P. Miller, Trustees of the Joseph R. Miller, Jr. Living Trust, Under Trust Agreement Dated June 21, 2002 248 Millertown Road Normalville, PA 15469

    You might try calling the above telephone number to see if it is still current.

    Hope this helps you.


  • jim turnbull

    Bob, Thanks for your help. That is the correct Joe Miller!! I spoke to his Wife last evening. I have not talked to Joe as yet, but am looking forward to it. You’re the best!!

  • To Bob and Jim Turnbull:

    I don’t know anything about the Millers, but the last superintendent of the ACS was Mr. Gay A. Orr. I somehow received a letter from him after I returned home following my tour in VN. Six years ago I turned over a bunch of stuff including his letters and some photos the ACS Historical Society. You’ll have to ask Bob how to access the Society’s materials. Good luck

    Darryl Henley

  • frank

    Venita was dating Joe Miller. When he left, I moved in! Ah life, somethings seem like yesterday was not so far away! Frank

  • frank

    Yep! I always think of the Roy Orbison song “Running Scared”! Frank

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