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Saigon Kid Peter Brownell: Father’s Recollections

Jerry and Lincoln Brownell

Jerry and Lincoln Brownell

As mentioned in a previous Post on our blog, Peter’s father (Lincoln C. Brownell) recently passed away at the age of 96. Over a several year period prior to his passing he compiled his memoirs: personal recollections of a long life around the world and of a family centered around Williston, Vermont since 1800.

He wrote of his earliest recollections of stories about family members and his childhood years in China to his retirement in Williston, Vermont in 1975 (including the 14 years spent in Saigon – 1961 to 1975).

He published “Recollections” in 2006.


By Lincoln C. Brownell

Orally Taped in 1990; Edited and Typed in 2006

Early Days in Vermont

I am planning to record here for the benefit of perhaps great-grandchildren still unborn, my recollections and comments from a lifetime that has run for some 90 years. I guess the reason I am doing this is that I would give anything to have a similar record from my grandfather or either of my parents. Here’s hoping great-grandchildren will get something out of it. I will try to remember to mention dates, places, and names as often as possible. First, I should go back as far as I can, and tell you about some of our forebears in early Vermont. The earliest one of whom I have heard any personal recollections by living relatives was Chauncey Wells Brownell the First, who was born in Williston in 1811. His eldest brother was killed trying to break up a logjam at the Family’s Winooski River dam in the spring of 1824. That date is on his tombstone, which sits in our basement now. How do we happen to have a tombstone in our basement? … Continue reading here

This is a fascinating book to read. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it as much as I have – particularly the Saigon years.

Thank you Peter for sharing your father’s “Recollections” with us!


PS: I’ve placed a link to “Recollections” on the left Menu area under *ACS Library*.

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