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Saigon Kid: Renee (Daniels) King reconnects with us …

by Renee (Daniels) King

Hi Saigon Kids…

My family lived in Saigon from 1962 to 1965.

My brother Dan and I attended the American Community High School. I would love to hear from any of my classmates.


6 comments to Saigon Kid: Renee (Daniels) King reconnects with us …

  • Les Arbuckle

    I was a friend of your brothers and have been wondering for a long time where he ended up. If you would, tell him my email address and let him know I’d like to hear from him. I’m in touch with some of his other Saigon friends, too.

    My email is les [@] saxoasis.com

  • candice busa

    Dear Renee….I think you are the one that we called Renee from Tennessee??? We use to spend the night at your house and have good times. Think I have a picture of you from the old times in Saigon. I live in New Mexico….where do you reside?? Hope you remember me…Kandi Bush….I now go by Candice Busa….can you blame me??

  • Renee Daniels King

    Candice…Yes I am that same Renee from Tennessee…It seems y’all called me that because you thought I had an accent…I really didn’t believe I had one until Madame Delort told me I spoke French with a Southern accent
    …And yes I do remember you very well…We had a lot of fun and some really cool slumber parties..I am Renee from Alabama now…I have been here for the past 36 years…I would love to hear more about you..And anyone we used to know…I am Renee Daniels King on Facebook…Or reneedking [@] aol.com…Please write me back..Renee

  • Laurie Methven

    Hi Renee – I lived in Saigon during the same time frame as you. However, I don’t recall you at this time – of course, that was almost 50 years ago so I may have forgotten a few things! I was 11 in ’62 and 14 in ’65 when we evacuated to Bangkok. Maybe we aren’t in the same age range. Even thru 2 marriages/divorces – I kept my name.

  • Renee Daniels King

    Laurie…Thanks for writing me…We were in Vietnam in a very exciting time…When I left the states to gothere,nobody hadheard of Vietnam…When we came home,everyone did…You might have been in my brother’s class…His name is Danny Daniels…He was good friends with Les Arbuckle…He rode a Honda 50 motorcycle and played the guitar…Renee

  • Sandy Hanna

    I left a comment on your story site, but I really wanted to find out about Inky. We left in 1962 and we left our dog Inky. I don’t know if he was given to a family or if he was left with the house that we lived on at Phan Than Gian. Could it be the same dog? He was brown with almost tiger like black stripes. He would have been two year old as we had gotten him as a pup when we lived on Don Thi Diem. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was the same dog. Please let me know. Thanks. Sandy

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