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Saigon Kid: Wet Hair and Smiling

Submitted by Ken Yeager (ACS)

Harriet Happy Strong at Cercle Sportif. Circa 1962.

Did you ever notice how the girls at the Cercle Sportif were always smiling and looked good – even with wet hair? In this picture we see Harriet “Happy” Strong at the Cercle Sportif. Circa 1962. Ken Yeager Collection. View Full Size.

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4 comments to Saigon Kid: Wet Hair and Smiling

  • marie perry wright

    Beautiful picture of Happy!….she was always such a sunshine!….wonderful picture Ken, thanks!

    • Tom Jacobs

      Hello Marie Perry,
      Our family lived in Saigon from 1961 to 1963.
      My sister Mary Jacobs would pal around with a French girl named Marie Perry..
      Could that be you?
      Thanks for your response.
      Tom Jacobs..

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Wonder what has happened to her during the last “50” years……Too many SKs are, sadly, missing from this site……

  • frank

    Ken, I totally agree. I wish more folks would “let” loose with comments. I really enjoy your writings (Of course I love Germany and it’s people) and the other folks that contribute to the blog. Although I must admit that I often wish I had not written the “stuff” that I do. Then, I have a “Scotch” and ask myself “what else is a blog for?” Yes, as we get older, some things (I think) are harder to do, but to impress folks or not too, gets easier. I would really like to hear from so many of my past friends. Write, unabashed, and tell us what is going on.
    By the way Ken, on Veteran’s day, my son found a document (on the Internet) that my wife’s father filled out in 1945,(hand written…) after the Russians liberated his POW camp and he was turned over to the American Forces. The form, hand written says..he was on escort duty from Martlesham Heath for a bombing run (he flew a P-47 called Hells Angel..with a Grim Reaper painted on the side) over Bremen on 29 Nov 1943. He was shot down near the Zee in Holland and ended up in Stalag Luft I.

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