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Saigon Kids Emporium: Now Open

by Admin

Saigon Kids EmporiumSaigon Kids and American Community School *Branded* products are now available at Saigon Kids Emporium online shop.

Currently Women’s Shirts and Men’s Shirts with two designs imprinted on them are available for purchase.

We have over 500 more products to add to the shop. We’ll be adding these over the next few weeks.

All purchases come with a *30 Day Money Back Guarantee*. More than ample time to receive them, check for quality, fit, and color; and, return or exchange.

All products are made from the highest quality materials.

Most orders ship within 24 hours and order tracking service is provided.

Orders can be placed on the website or by toll free telephone.

Payments can be made by Debit/Credit card, PayPal or your Amazon account.

Customer Service help and support is provided by email, live chat or toll free telephone.

Both domestic and international orders and shipping are available.

All profits from the sale of Saigon Kids and American Community School branded products goes to support the cost of maintaining this website for your enjoyment.

For those of you who don’t already know it, it costs $8/day, $56/week, $243/month and $2,920/year to support and maintain this website. And, that does not include the time myself and others spend who contribute to supporting and maintaining the website.

By purchasing products from Saigon Kids Emporium for yourself, family and friends you’ll also be contributing to the cost of maintaining this website and helping to ensure the continuance of the site – 🙂

If you have suggestions for slogans and things to print on products,please submit them in the Comments Section below or via the site Contact form.

If any of you are graphic artists and would like to create and donate designs for printing on Saigon Kids branded products, please contact me via the site Contact form to obtain design, copyright, trademark specifications.

CLICK HERE to visit Saigon Kids Emporium.

10 comments to Saigon Kids Emporium: Now Open

  • Oh, Bob! How could you NOT offer a short-sleeve collared shirt with the iconic dragon embroidered on one side of the front, like all of us had back in Saigon? I have not been able to find an image of that iconic dragon, but try this dragon on for a little bit of the flava.

    I would LOVE to have a shirt like I remember having had made at the tailor shop on Rue Catinat (Tu Do).


    • Bruce – Great suggestions! We are not offering embroidering at this time due to cost factors. Dragon images are hard to locate that can be used for commercial purposes like this without violating copyright and/or trademark, etc. So far the only dragon digital images I’ve been able to locate require the purchasing of a license and/or the payment of royalties to use them. Alternatively, a graphic artist could be commissioned to create the digital image which would ensure it is in compliance with the design specifications for printing on the products. I haven’t researched the cost, yet. But, I do know that it would cost in excess of $500. How much more I don’t know without drawing up the specs and putting it out to bid on by graphic artists, etc. But, have added it to the project *to do* list.

      Rock Onnn …


      • Bruce – UPDATE … Okay, I just completed sourcing the necessary resources to offer the embroidered dragon shirts. But, it will take 3 to 4 months to put it all together. Best guesstimate is the shirts will retail for $60 plus per shirt. But, I don’t have all the details yet. Shirts would be high quality fabric, front buttoned, short sleeve collard sport shirt with embroidered Vietnamese dragon on one front panel of shirt. I’ll update you once I’ve got all the details. If there appears to be enough demand for them to justify the set up costs, I’ll include them in the Saigon Kids Emporium early next year.


  • frank

    When in Saigon for the Reunion, I looked for the embroidered Dragon shirts or the ones with the Chinese letters. They were not there. Do you remember the carved candles? They also do not exist.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Excuse my ignorance (again) but are we talking dragon or gecko? I sort of cannot recall dragons on shirts, at least not at my time. but as you all know, I was a quiet, reading stay at home type……LOL.

  • mimi

    Great idea, Bob! On my next trip to France, next year, I’ll buy a few T-shirts for the french girls, who will (most of them) be celebrating their 70th birthday.
    Not now, bcz all my drawers are already full of stuff.

    Where are the t-shirts made? If not in the US, I hope you thought of having them made in VN. No doubt they can find a dragon embroidery.
    Hugs to all,

    • Hi Mimi! Thanks. I’ve not forgotten the *French Kids* — watch for *French Kids* stuff coming soon – 🙂

      The shirts are made, printed and shipped in USA.

      Rock Onnnn … Cerc Girl – 🙂 California and Hawaii had *Surfer Girls* — Saigon had *Cerc Girls* — and, they were all AWESOME! 🙂


  • mimi

    Bob, I don’t think making “french kids” stuff would be worth it, bcz there are too few of us to buy it. At least too few of us connected together. Not a promising market. “Saigon kids” will do just fine.

    On another subject, I have recently received a brochure on Mékong Tours with the company Viking which specializes in river cruises. Anyone heard of that company? is it trustworthy? I have done many sea cruises and enjoyed it, so I thought, if I ever make up my mind on going back at least once before it is too late,(and I have a lot of pressure from my son) that could be an option. The tour goes to Hanoi, Cambodia(and Angkor), and then to Saigon by ship. It is more expensive than sea cruises, but everything is included, airfare, connections, hôtels etc. so I wanted to know if it anyone has an idea whether it is worth it.

  • frank

    MiMi, I looked up the cruises and they all looked very nice. I did not see the ones that had Airfare included. I did see where most were about 15 days. It is possible I (and others) may be interested. Keep us informed, and you never know if others may join. Are you back from Nice?

    Bob, Back to the Dragon shirts…sent in a pic of Venita and I. We had the “Dragon Shirts” on, but it does not show.. They were pale blue and the dragon blended in with the shirt.

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