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Saigon Kids™ *Last Hurrah* Reunion 2015 (Update 11/20/14)

Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)

Now I have been involved again,

Reunion Time Signone way or the other, in the fourth Saigon Kids Reunion. To decide if I am a glutton for punishment or just a nostalgic old f***t, I downed four scotch and sodas and took keyboard in hand.

Obviously the Saigon Kids time meant the world to me. David and Arlene sent me an article the other day that showed research on how the elderly…I mean mature people …stayed healthier and had more “get up” in their “Giddy-up” by revisiting their teenage years. This included the movies, the cars, the music and books, etc. Now the Wigwam, (doesn’t that name have such a “Silver Screen Cowboy” sound … putting aside what is PC) is really a very pleasant place to stay. It is a resort, therefor it is a little pricier from what Suzy and I normally do. However, every time we go there we do not regret it. By the way, the Wigwam is about three and half hours from where we live.

At the present, Roy and I are trying to come up with the best “Bang for the Buck” we can get. We, either one of us, do not like to even deal or think about money when it comes to the reunion and telling our friends what they need to pay. We just want to see and visit with people that have our common connection. Now you all probably noticed that we are calling this the Last Hurrah! Well, because of our age and health, we think that we are being very realistic. Now, both Roy and I still want to go back and visit Saigon one more time, but that is not in our plans right now. We just want to get together as many Saigon Kids for a Last Hurrah … come and enjoy yourself and drift back to your youth. You will not be alone in that endeavor for that is what it is all about.

Now often in my life I have been told that I am too honest … actually to a fault. (I am so glad I am now retired, because I now cannot be fired … (lol)). A question comes up that Roy and I have to “sell” the reunion. Do all kinds of things to convince people to come. I must admit that I have mixed thoughts about this. I see myself as saying, “man, I will not pass up a party, especially with the folks that made some of my biggest memories”. Why do I need to sell that? I think if people feel the way I do, they will come, if not, I guess they have to be sold on the idea. I do not know how to sell the Saigon Kids “time” for it is too valuable to sell.


Over to you Roy …

Ok, I guess to try and keep pace with Frank, I have poured myself a tall scotch and soda as well, so here goes:

Remember this picture and the “Eyes of Novack are upon you”?

Mrs NovackMs. Novack was unfairly (now that we are much older and maturity has tempered our outlook) the focus of our youthful wrath and mischievous pranks. As effective as she was in finding out who was smoking in the bathroom or skipping class, she was perhaps regarded as a more powerful tyrant than Diem. Her picture will, however, now serve as a link to nostalgic Saigon and our youthful times.

The Reunion Roster is growing and we hope to meet the minimum requirements for the Reunion. You can click on the Picture at the end of this document to get the latest committed attendees and the undecided. As mentioned before, the costs and go-no-go decision is based on 20 booked rooms and the resort’s minimum costs for events described. The number is not based on number of attendees since family members would occupy single units. The number of committed rooms to-date can be found on the last column of the Roster. As of this diatribe, it is more than halfway to our go-no-go decision. Actually if the undecided (?) would commit (which we hope they will), we have already met the minimums.

We are in the process of negotiating the Menu for the Meet & Greet and Saturday night Dinner/Dance. Their current prices are higher than our estimate (we used the Chicago Brent Reunion as a guide) by an average of $20.00. We have made a counter offer and we hope it comes in line with our estimate.


Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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2 comments to Saigon Kids™ *Last Hurrah* Reunion 2015 (Update 11/20/14)

  • brooks toland kasson

    frank and roy,
    once again, thank you guys for doing all this wonderful planning.
    i wonder if you got my previous message, saying that i had contacted bobbie sheehan mauch? i just talked to vicki greenamyer fraser, too. no firm commitments, yet, but i’d sure like to see our names on your list as possibles!

  • Hi Brooks,

    Great to hear from you!!! Consider it done. Hope you change from green to white (? to YES).

    Best … Roy

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