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Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)

Reunion Time Sign
The Last Hurrah is preceded by a loud Hurray!!

We met our minimum of 20 required Rooms – The Reunion is now formally a go!

I think I am the most excited person about our upcoming Saigon Reunion; well maybe Roy feels the same. Of course we are both fortunate to be able to see things slowly come together which certainly adds to our excitement.

O.K., what is happening this week?

The details with Vietnamese Restaurant dinner (Optional) are still being worked out. It does look like it will be a 5 to 6 course pay-as-you-go dinner. We hope to have the menu out to everyone soon. They do have Tiger Beer (Wasn’t that called Tiger P___S?), which is very good, but Roy and I have asked them if they can find us some BaMuoiBa! They also have Vietnamese Coffee/tea, soft drinks and wine.

Now for the important stuff for this week:

1) Mail Your Event Fee: Send your Event fee money to me by February 28th so we can sign the Contract with Wigwam. Make checks payable to Charles F. Stoddard and *write SaigonKids Reunion* in the *FOR section* of your check (usually located at bottom left of checks). *Do Not* write the check payable to SaigonKids Reunion. The bank will only accept checks payable to Charles F. Stoddard for deposit.

Mail your check to:

Frank Stoddard
5675 South Mescalero Road
Hereford, Arizona 85615

The amount is $141.50 per person.

I promise I will not run off to Argentina with it!

2) To Reserve your Wigwam Resort Room: Call 800-327-0396 to make your reservations. When you call mention to them that you want to book the rooms under the Saigon Reunion group. This will assist the Resort agents to find our block of rooms & negotiated rates. Please bear in mind that you will be asked for a credit card at the time of booking and that credit card will be charged for one night’s room and tax. If you should need to cancel your reservation, you must do so seven (7) calendar days before your arrival in order to have the deposit refunded. If you cancel inside of the seven (7) calendar days, the deposit is forfeited. The room rate per night is $109.00 plus $10.00 for resort fee plus 11.07% tax.

3) I have personally rented out the 24/7 House (Cassita). We have it from Thursday 30 July until Monday 3 August. There are two bedrooms with King size beds with their own private baths that are located within the 24/7 house that are available on a first-come/first-serve basis. These rooms each have their own private keys for the doors. If anyone wants them please let me know. You will not have to pay me until later. These upgraded rooms are $133.33 plus $10 plus $15.86 taxes per night ($159.19 per night). If you get with me and I confirm back with you that the room/rooms are yours, you do not have to call the Wigwam for reservations.

4) Administrative Details:

(a) When you make your reservations at Wigwam, send us (Frank Stoddard or Roy McDonald) an e-mail and any airline information you may have made. That way we can post them on the website and like-arrival times can be coordinated and potentially save on your transportation costs.

(b) If you think you will be attending the Optional pay-as-you-go Vietnamese Dinner on Friday and/or the Sunday Brunch, also let us know and we will post them on the Roster and make the numbers available to the Restaurant and the Resort for seating/capacity.

(c) Money-Money-Money — for us to sign a contract, we will need to make a deposit and confirm our commitments to the Resort. Please send in your total Event Costs (column in Blue across your name on the Roster) by the 28th of February. If you have a senior moment as I often have and forget if I have sent it in or not, just check the Roster, scrolling to the right, and you will see the status of your payment. Allow a week or two from when you sent it since I have to alert Roy to post it on the Website once I have it deposited in the SaigonKids Reunion bank account.

(d) You in the Gray highlight on the Roster!? What are you waiting for? Commit and join the Party!!!

Roy and I wish to thank everyone that has responded so positive about the idea of us all being able to get back together after so many years (decades!).


Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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7 comments to SAIGON KIDS™ *LAST HURRAH* REUNION 2015 (UPDATE 1/29/15)

  • Frank

    Again, if you would, make your checks out to Charles F. Stoddard. I have ran into problems depositing checks with the Bank if it does not have my name. Sorry for any inconvenience! Frank

  • Frank

    Did most of you watch the “Super Bowl”? Well just down “the road a piece” (about 10 miles) from where that game took place is the Wigwam Resort.
    Now whom was I rooting for for? O.K. here is the skinny! I was born in Spokane (lived there about three weeks before Dad went off to the Pacific), went to my sophomore year in high school to an all boys boarding school run by the Bernadine monks (hated it) in Lacy, Washington and I graduated from high school at Gonzaga Prep an all boys school run by the Jesuit priests in Spokane, Washington and I lived in a boarding house (hated it). I was for the Seahawks, but now don’t get me wrong, I have Boston in my top five lists of Americas’ fantastic cities.
    O.K., Back to the topic (sort of) … So You see, before I went to Saigon I was in a boy’s world and when I got sent home from Saigon I was in a boy’s world. So now you all know why I loved Saigon (and all the girls and was not a good student, and perhaps a little awkward with the opposite sex), so please tell me (us) why you liked it there?
    Roy and I have both told everyone our favorite song and favorite group/singer. I just heard from Sarah and she said that her favorite song was “Love Is Strange”. I think that is one of the most “sexy” songs out of the ‘50’s. Did you know that Sylvia, one of the singers, later sang the song “Pillow Talk” (Yea! Also Pretty sexy). Please send us your favorite songs, so that we make sure it is played at the Saigon Reunion.

  • Sandy Hanna

    I have been trying to find out how many Saigon Kids there were between 1954 and 1975. Does anyone know this obscure fact?

  • Sandy Hanna

    Would you know how many would have been in Saigon in 1960? That was when we arrived. Thanks. Sandy

  • Marie Perry Wright

    In case you are interested…Rory Kennedy’s documentary, Last Days in Vietnam, about the fall of Saigon in April 1975 is available for streaming free on the PBS website until Feb. 7. It has been nominated for an Oscar. If you didn’t have a chance to see it in a theater and don’t want to wait until it is broadcast on American Experience now is your chance.

    Last Days in Vietnam
    During the Fall of Saigon in 1975, a handful of individuals took matters into their own hands in a desperate effort to evacuate as many South Vietnamese as possible.

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