January 2023
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Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)

Reunion Time Sign
For those who have sent their Registration Fees, Thank You!!!

It is too early to do a countdown to the Reunion in Arizona, however our countdown to the signing of the contract with Wigwam is only two days away. Again, thank you to those who have already sent their Registration Fees and the ones in the mail.

If you have forgotten, please get them to Frank as soon as possible (his credit card is taking a beating).

To check the status of your payments and information on arrival mode and dates, click on the icon below and scroll to the right to find the date your check was deposited, amount and check number. I have bolded (if that is a word) the SaigonKids that have already paid and we have more than half of the commitments to go. Again, and again … Thank You.

Frank has been busy shuttling back and forth to the Bank and depositing your checks. He stops by a tanning salon on his way back to get ready for the Reunion(lol).

We have had a slower-n-slower luck (as opposed to Dumer-n-Dumer) with the Vietnamese Restaurants (now two of them) in getting a proposed menu for the Friday night dinner outing. Hopefully we will have better luck with a little di-di-Mau conversation.

We were greatly disappointed early on when Arlene had told us that she will not attend the Arizona Reunion. As you all know, she hosted the 2004 Reunion in Nashville where it turned out to be one of the best Reunions. And we could not conceive her not attending the Last Hurrah! So, with a little conniving between Frank, David and I, we were able to coax her into attending. We are now Happy.

This is a short update and we hope to bring you more in the next two week as soon as Di-di-Mau takes effect.

Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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4 comments to SAIGON KIDS™ *LAST HURRAH* REUNION 2015 (UPDATE 2/26/15)

  • Judy Bingham Sears

    rsvp YES for 2015 reunion; reservation made at Wigwam 7/30-8/2.

    pls reply for further info/fee etc you need from me.

    thank you.

    • Sandy Hanna

      Judy – Would you be able to get your sisters Janis and Pat to join us at the reunion? Pati, Tom and I are planning on going and it would be great to see all of you. Sandy

  • judy sears

    sandy: have asked them, no commitment yet. wld b fun if they decide to…will keep u posted.

  • Long John Vincent

    Thank you so much for all of your comments on Father Bob Crawford, C.M.
    He was, and still is our loving father in our hearts. I was one of his boys in Binh trieu, Saigon.
    Father Bob Crawford was a living saint in our paths. I never forget him. He had brought Caholic Faith, and Saint Vincent De Paul in my life. His life had filled peace, happiness. Thank so much Father Bob Crawford.Above all thank God that we had a chance to meet him, and to live with him in the midst of war, and sufferings….

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