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Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)
Reunion Time Sign

It has been kind of quiet lately! With Frank throwing out his back and my taking off to the Lesser Antilles, it feels like we have already had the Reunion (lol). But we are baaack! Frank’s back is returning to normal and I am human again in need of a vacation from a vacation.

We are in good shape as far as attendance and your commitments. We are hoping the few on the Roster who have yet to confirm, will do so soon and be a part of the Last Hurrah of our era in Vietnam. Small details is all that remains in making this one of the most memorable SaigonKids Reunions. It will not be easy. The Reunions in Saigon in 2009, the one in Hawaii and the one in Tennessee are hard to beat. It is, however, very symbolic that the First Reunion (which I missed since I was not “found” yet) held at the Wigwam Resort and hosted by Frank & Arlene, is now the last one to be held in the same location.

This past post on Bob Layson’s Blog celebrates his 7 years since creating the Blog which has become enormously popular in bringing us together. I remember encouraging him when he told me he was going to launch the Blog but at the same time alerting him to the great amount of time he would have to devote in maintenance and dealing with the technical gremlins that always infect the best of systems. Much like Frank’s passion in the early days of connecting with everyone and launching the first SaigonKids Reunion, Bob’s contribution has brought us more into the social media age of becoming connected and sharing our experiences and memories before they fade with time. As many times as I have begged, groveled and harassed Bob in attending the Reunions, he has yet to do so. When visiting the Cerc Sportif during the 2009 Reunion, Bob was a hologram ever so present sitting on the ledge as he always did. So … from all of us Bob, celebrate the Last Hurrah with us this year! Complete the circle. Your seat at all the Reunions has been empty! (Persian proverb).

Please follow the link below for the latest update on the Roster. Scroll to the right to see the arrival information of those who have submitted. More updates on some of the details to come as Frank does all the heavy lifting in Arizona.

Happy Trails!

Roy & Frank

Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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