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Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)

Reunion Time SignSK T Shirt BannerThis will be the last update before the Saigon Reunion. We hope everyone is ready! We were almost going to say as ready as Roy and Frank, but we won’t. You see Roy is a big believer in Murphy’s Law and Frank has OCD, so at this point, we have decided to just show up, and hopefully we have the dates right and we can all just go with the flow!!


1. Thursday, 30 July 4:00pm to 7:00pm Reception in the “Arizona Kitchen”, late arrivals at 24/7 Room/Building.

2. Friday, 31 July 3:30pm meet in parking lot in front of the Wigwam lobby for car pool to Song Lynn’s for optional (pay as you go) Vietnamese dinner 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Don’t forget to check out the menu (See Links below).

What will Roy and Frank have…Wow! We are finally off of our diet. Spring Rolls, A4, Pho, P7 or P11 (Oh wait, A person may need a bib to eat Pho), Stir-fried Combination, C18 or C24, A Vietnamese coffee and … does a milk shake go with Bamuoiba?

Friday night is the “Blue Moon”! Hang out at the pool(s), visit at the 24/7 room or listen to music in the Wigwam Bar.

3. Saturday, 1 August 6:30pm to 11:30pm is the Dinner/Dance in the “Arizona Room”. Dinner will be delicious Cowboy Steak made to order and music by the Beu Sisters will take you back in time.

The Wigwam Resort is just a nice place to hang out all day doing “much of nothing”. However, for those that want to go shopping in Scottsdale, I do not think you are alone. The prices this time of year should be reasonable. There is of course, Golf for those so gifted.

4. Sunday, 2 August 7:00am to 11:00am optional (pay as you go) Breakfast Brunch at Red’s Bar & Grill on the Fairway.

Now, the 24/7 room will be open for you to go to day or night. You can play music, talk or look at old yearbooks. If you have Saigon memories you would like to share bring them with you. The 24/7 room is your place.

5. Arrivals, We are striving hard to meet everyone’s need to get from the Airport to the Wigwam. It is best that everyone contact their riders/drivers directly in making the arrangements. If you have a problem please call Roy or Frank. The Wigwam is about a 25-minute drive to the Airport depending on traffic.

6. Bulletin Board, We will post changes if they do occur.

If you wish to post something during the Reunion, feel free to do so.

Departures: We will have people post on the bulletin board in the 24/7 room for coordination on getting back to the airport.

If you have a problem or question, please contact Frank or Roy.

Two weeks from now! Everyone travel safe and we will all be together for one great Hurrah!

7. Phone Numbers, Cell Frank (520) 266 -5135, Cell Roy (386) 478-9616, Wigwam Resort (623) 935-3811.

8. Destination (for your GPS), Wigwam Resort, 300 E Wigwam Blvd., Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


Frank posted this on his facebook last night… I went to four different High Schools in three different countries. Yes, every year I moved and went somewhere else when I was a teenager. This year, an old high school friend, Roy…we met when we were 16 are organizing a school reunion at the Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, AZ.. My favorite high schools years were when I was a freshman in Iran and when I was a Junior in Vietnam. When you have gone to 4 different high schools, the advantage is you get to pick your favorite one. Saigon, by far, was the best. At the end of this month and the first days of August I get to see some of my old friends that made those days when I was 16 so important. My own family will be there to help share this with me. 31 July is a “Blue Moon”! When you look up in the sky, just know Frank is having the time of his life that night!


9. Links:

Vietnamese Restaurant

Map of Wigwam (location of Events)

Arrival Cluster

Reunion Roster:

Wigwam Resort

Wigwam 24/7 Building

Wigwam 24/7 Parlor

SaigonKids Website

Saturday Night Entertainment:

Saigon Kids American Community School Blog:

See you soon!

Frank & Roy

Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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3 comments to SAIGON KIDS™ *LAST HURRAH* REUNION 2015 (UPDATE 7/16/15)

  • Have a great reunion! I’d be there if I weren’t in Sweden cat-sitting!

    I look forward to seeing photos and hearing news.

    I loved the last reunion at the Wigwam. It is a beautiful resort, and I enjoyed re-connecting with many of you then.

  • frank

    Cathie, I realize that you are off to some exotic spot in the world, but at the reunion. I will be thinking of you. You do realize that I owe you a bottle of red wine (Gosh, do I so many folks that)that Roy and I will have..and of course we will toast for your happiness.

  • frank

    Cathie, I realize that you are off to some exotic spot in the world, but We still wish you could be at the reunion. I will be thinking of you. You do realize that I owe you a bottle of red wine (Gosh,I so many folks a bottle of something). Roy and I will have..and of course we will toast for your happiness a drink of something…probably Scotch. Take care our Saigon Kids Friend..

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