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Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)
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SaigonKids Last Hurrah Reunion 2015:
Questions & Answers.
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(Disclaimer: We have tried to plan and assume all event possibilities, but you know what “assume” means-Murphy Law applies.)

Q – Is there a shuttle from the airport provided by the Resort?
A – No. The Resort does not provide a shuttle service from the Phoenix Arizona Airport. Given the high prices of cabs and other transportation from the airport, you may come out ahead renting a Yugo. But, we will do our best to get you transportation from the Airport if possible. First, let us know you need a ride. Then, when getting off the airline, call either Roy’s cell (386) 478-9616 or Frank’s (520) 266-5135 and expect a waiting time of anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes given traffic and one of us will pick you up. If any of you group or coordinate your arrival times (See Cluster Link on website) within proximity of each other (time-wise) and need a ride, here is a means to get to the Resort as a group of 6 or more recommended by Tanya, Frank’s daughter who travels a lot from that airport:

Tom Burke
$60 each way
1 – 6 people, same fare (whether it is 1 or up to 6 – just $60.00)
Call 480-570-4649
Provide him with dates, airline, and flight information
I recommend him. He is very dependable and I have used him for years.

$25/person r/t if you share the van – you could end up making several stops. More than likely the WigWam will be a final stop so this could take a while – I don’t recommend this option.
$83/person r/t for exclusive non-stop van service
Book online at

I don’t recommend Taxi’s

Q – There was a charge of $100.00 Chef fee in the June Update Saturday Dinner menu, is that per person?
A – No. That is a single charge absorbed by your Event Fees. Roy had a Senior Moment and did not edit the raw Menu before posting it.

Q – I cannot attend the full 3 nights and would like to come to just the Saturday evening event, will there be a cost difference?
A – You are welcome to attend any of the events, however, there is no pro-rate of the Event Fees ($141.50/pp) since the Resort negotiations are based on the 3 nights and 4 days costs spread across the total head-count.

Q –The Registration Fee was initially $20.00 then changed to $30.00 and now it is $20.00 again. What gives?
A – Another Roy Senior Moment. We had changed it to provide us a buffer for things that we wanted to provide at the events, but forgot to correct the total from $141.50 to $151.50 after you all had sent in your Fees. So, we are making Roy eat that along with some memory pills.

Q – Can I pay at the door? And will you accept Credit Cards?
A – No. If Frank has not received your payment by June 30th, or has so been notified that your check is in the mail, we cannot guarantee that the Resort head count required by them for seating and the Cowboy Steaks order could be accommodated. Sorry, credit cards can be used at the Resort and the Vietnamese Restaurant, but we cannot arrange a temporary PayPal or credit service.

Q – Will the cash bar accept Resort room charges?
A – Yes … if the tip is commensurate(lol).

Q – Is there a Vegan option for the meals?
A – Yes, but you personally must make that arrangement directly with Wigwam.

Q – Are there any sightseeing tours arranged/scheduled?
A – No, but it can be accommodated through the Resort Concierge or coordinated with folks that are staying longer than the 4 days and have similar interest (Grand Canyon anyone?).

Q – Will there be transportation to the Pay-As-You-Go Vietnamese Restaurant on Friday?
A – Yes, but not with the Resort. The same “Didi-Mou” service provided by Frank/Roy/Silas Skycaps and other SaigonKids with car/car-rentals will be made available starting at 3:30PM (early-Bird-Special) to the Song Li Restaurant (15 minute ride) and gathering place noted in your reception packet and July Update. In essence, car-pooling! If you have not done so, we need to know if you plan to attend any of the two Pay-As-You-Go events. The Vietnamese Restaurant is closing its service for our group and a head-count will be needed to insure seating and service.

Q – What is the dress code for the Saturday Night Event?
A – Shorts, swim ware (except Cerc Sportif style Bikinis), jeans, togas, or birthday suits are discouraged (Ooops! There goes my speedo with cowboy hat and boots!). A bit of formality for the Last Hurrah night would be appreciated.

Q – I am getting in late on Thursday and will miss the Meet & Greet Event (4 – 7PM), where do I go for the Event Registration?
A – There is a 24/7 building # 435 (comprised of three reserved rooms and a lobby) made available and location posted at the Resort check-in.

Q – We are arriving early and the Resort check-in is 4:00PM, what do we do if rooms are not made up yet?
A – We are confident that the Resort will accommodate early check-in if the rooms are made up and available, however, you can go to the 24/7 Building and leave your luggage there and pick up your Event Registration packet and head to the pool area (changing room offered by one of the reserved SaigonKids bedrooms) until check-in time.

Q – Are there local Restaurants within walking distance for non-event periods?
A – Yes, but limited. Phoenix area is vehicle dependent for most restaurants. But, if you can stand the heat, Peoria Artisan Brewery, Park Cafe, and Blu Sushi are within walking distance.

Q – Where are the Events being held? Resort Location/Rooms?
A – The Thursday 30th of July Meet & Greet/Registration Event (4 – 7PM) will be held at the Wigwam Kitchen Room (so named, but it is not the Kitchen). The Saturday 1st of August Dinner/Dance will be held at the Arizona Room (6:30 – 11:30PM). The 24/7 Room is number 435 on the Golf Course Fairway. Maps/Directions/Locations will be provided to you in your Registration packet, July e-mail update, and on the website News tab.

Q – Will personal libations (Booze) be allowed to be brought into the Resort?
A – We refuse to answer that question. Best not to ask if you don’t think you will like the answer. Remember, forgiveness after the fact is best.

Q – Can I bring some momentous/pictures/year-books of Days in Saigon to share?
A – Oh Yes!! Specially for Roy who lost all his Saigon memorabilia in Tehran when he was evacuated in 1979. The Ayatollah has them all. We hope to have a scanner available for anyone wishing to make copies.

Q – How much is the cost of the Sunday Breakfast/Brunch Buffett? And at what time?
A –The Sunday Brunch has changed to the Resort Golf Course Restaurant which is cheaper ($20.00++). Opens from 7 – 11:00 AM.

Q – How will I know I am registered and my check has been received?
A – Aside from your bank account, check the website and click on the News tab. Login is not required. The latest posting of the Reunion Roster (spreadsheet) link (and other links) is provided in the content of the post. Click on that link and scroll to the right and you should see the check number and date of the receipt/deposit of your check. Any shaded rows indicate pending/hopeful attendees not yet confirmed. Any rows not in bold indicates confirmed, but check/payment is in the mail. Any fields with a question mark (?) indicates we do not have that information as of posting date. We have posted the spreadsheet in .HTML format (web format) in the event the Microsoft spreadsheet software is not available in your computer. Most all computers accept .html format.

Q – Have you covered everything?
A – See Disclaimer!

Frank & Roy

Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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1 comment to SAIGON KIDS™ *LAST HURRAH* REUNION 2015 (UPDATE 7/2/15)

  • Maile Miller Diyle

    I am so looking forward to this!! Thank you Frank and Roy! Bill and I are going to be staying in Scottsdale for several days before the reunion and will have a rental car. Let us know if we can pick anyone up at the airport on Fri when we will travel over from Scottsdale.

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