December 2023
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Saigon Kids: More New Arrivals

Listed below are new arrivals to our Saigon Kids family.

Either they found us, or we found them – but, it really doesn’t matter who found who as the important thing is that we have all reconnected!

I’m sure I speak for everyone in giving you a BIG WELCOME home to your Saigon Kids family.

Please feel free to join in the conversations by leaving your comments below and sharing your Saigon experiences and memories with everyone.

Al Misker – Tennessee, USA

Evalyn Jacobsen – California, USA

Stephen Sutherlan – USA

Robert Pollock

Arline (Ames) Silva – California, USA

A. H. Dennet – Arizona, USA

Tom Beall – USA

Harold Brown – Alabama, USA

Laura H. Pariseau – California, USA

Jim McMichael – Kansas, USA

Patrick Bodden – France

We are getting closer and closer to locating all 3,000+ Saigon Kids – 🙂

Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kids


6 comments to Saigon Kids: More New Arrivals

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    All these new folks (Welcome all) but no Susie Hunt….where is she????

  • Maile Doyle

    Seriously, Ken!! I have tried to look for Susi through google, FB, classmates, etc…also, what about Michelle Laughlin. All I know is that her dad worked for ESSO over there. Anyone have a clue about these gals?

  • Mike Erickson

    I’m curious if Evalyn Jacobsen is related to Col. George Jacobsen. He was the Mission Coordinator for the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. He may have had a son named March, too, but I’m not sure.

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    I was so excited to be “found” a year ago, and I wish in some way I could help locate these other folks. If there is a chance they might live in the Houston area, let me know.
    Good luck, “searchers.”
    Here is my funny for the week:
    I put a little Columbus Day picture card on my school calendar for Monday. The 3×3 inch simple picture depicts either the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria on it. My five-year-olds got excited and thought we were having a holiday for “Pirate Day.” Guess I have some work to do, eh?
    Happy Columbus Day, everyone!

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Maile, I too have tried everything I can think of to locate Suzie, but nothing but strike outs. I sure wish you gals didn’t change your last name when you get married…hyphenated names are better, although I guess some husbands wouldn’t like the idea. Anyway, I guess we just have to hope she will Google Saigon some day and lo and behold, she will find us. Keep your fingers crossed.
    It’s nice in north Germany today…for a change. Ken

  • frank

    In 1999 and 2000 I tried every “find people” that was available to locate Suzie (the dark haired beauty) but nothing. It was easier to find people ten years ago.
    Guess we’ll have to just keep “Hunt-ing”!

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