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Saigon Kids Next Reunion

Updated October 17, 2009 by Mimi – CLICK HERE

Many of you have been kicking around the idea of having another Saigon Kids Reunion sometime between now and the 2012 Reunion in Saigon.

So I thought I’d throw it on the table for discussion.

What are your thoughts?

Where should it be held? USA? If so, where in USA? Canada? If so, where? Europe? If so, where? A sea cruise? If so, from where to where?

What is the best time of year for everyone to attend a reunion (factoring in work schedules, etc.)?

Who is willing to volunteer their time and talents to serve on a reunion committee to organize a reunion?

How many days should the reunion be?

Would you prefer one large reunion held at one location, or a series of ‘mini-reunions’ held in different geographical locations, such as say, North Eastern USA, Southern USA, Midwestern USA, Southwestern USA, Western/Northwestern USA, France/Europe, etc.?

Speak up folks – leave your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, opinions or anything else you have to say in the comments section below – please.

Rock Onnnn …. Saigon Kids 🙂


11 comments to Saigon Kids Next Reunion

  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    I would love to have a Reunion in between. Also I would be happy to work on the planning of it. I am retiring as of the 1st of April, 2010, so time would not be a problem for my husband and myself. Bob, you are a terrific man to do all of this for us. Thank you so much!

  • Mimi

    Yes, great idea.
    Places: Paris, New-York, Montreal.

    Time: Paris, april. still off season.
    New-york, summer.
    Montréal, between june and sept(so that you guys don’t freeze-lol)

    If Montreal were to be chosen, I would try to arrange things. I can help a little with Paris also.

    I was also thinking, what about building a little treasure chest for people who are a not too well off, money wise, so that they can join. Like we could have a comitee of 3, lets say Roy, Bob and Arlene, that we would send let’s say 50$ or 100$ each,or whatever each year. The comitee would receive confidentially any request for a little help and decide to accept or not, based on annual income of the person who asks. Just an idea.
    xxx mimi

  • Jay Oyler

    I like New York. Good choice since I live in NJ but Montreal is very nice too. If NYC were chosen I could help on arrangements.

    PS- I agree with Bobbie, you’re the best. Thanks.

  • Sarah Rogers

    mainland USA would be best as it gives an opportunity for more people…Hawaii was great, Saigon was better, but so far away and so expensive for most

  • Susan Pomeroy

    Just stumbled on this site after wondering what happened to an information gathering of ACS students about 15-20 years ago. How best to get linked with this group. My older brother, Phil, and I attended ACS 62-64. would be very interested in attending a reunion.

    • Admin

      Hello Susan! 🙂

      Welcome to our Saigon Kids family! We are glad you found us. I’ll send you an email later of how to link up with everyone. Please return often to share your memories and experiences of Saigon and ACS with everyone. And, of course, let your brother know about our site.

      Again, welcome to the group! 🙂


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Being in Europe, I would opt for Paris or somewhere in the area, but of course, I understand that most would probably prefer a city in the U.S. which would be fine by me as well.

    Glad to see that more folks are joining our “family” and hope more appear as well. Welcome Susan.

    It’s getting cold in Germany. Greetings to everyone. Ken

  • Mimi

    Well, what about that reunion next year??? Time to get moving!

    So, I gather from the numerous responses so far (-lol) that US is the prefered place. And New York being one of my favourite spots, I suggest NYC, in the summer.

    We could find a hotel in NJ, so we can sleep quietly (and less expensively) after our numerous activities, and rent a mini bus to travel us around to center town, where we could:

    – go to the Met for an opera evening.

    – have a shopping spree on the 5th, or- as a taxi driver once suggested to me- on orchard street … don’t know where is and if it still is a bargain alley.

    – have a chinese or vietnameese diner.

    – catch a show on broadway.

    – climb the Statue of Liberty as a tribute to our old French American friendship.

    – have a group picture taken on top of the Empire State Bldg ( like lovers in my 2 favourite tear jerker movies – lol ).

    amongst other things.

    I am sure most of the booking can be done on internet.

    So this should be about 3/4 days of common activities, with 2 days free to do, alone or with others, whatever we feel like doing.

    Distance being less of a problen, people could also come with children and grand children if they wish, and I, personnally, might bring my son along.

    So, guys, what do you say?

    Roy, Frank, we have not heard from you in a long while, time to make your point.

    Hugs to all.
    xxx mimi

  • Tom Hanna

    My sister Sandy and I would be interested in going if it was in NYC.

  • Mimi

    Yeah…someone answered!!!! lol-
    Still there is only one answer..which leads me to think that there are not that many people interested in the programm I suggested-lol. well, as you know, they were only suggestions.:)
    So, so far..there are five of us, -the two Hanna’s and- Robert, Tatou and me- who else would like NYC? If yes, when? If yes and when, what? If yes, when and what, who would volunteer to make arrangements etc…lol.

    George: thanx for sending me your paper on agent orange. I did not understand the technical part, of course, but I got the main idea. Freakish! You will have to tell us in time for the next saigon reunion the places where we should not go.

    big hugs to all.
    xxx mimi

  • Admin

    Mimi – You missed ONE … Jay Oyler in for NYC … scroll UP – LOL 🙂


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