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Saigon Kids Quest: Mrs. Gittinger’s 8th Grade Class 1956

by Michael O’Brien (Eggers) – (ACS)

Hello Saigon Kids,

My stepfather, Jodie Eggers, came to Saigon in 1955 to set up technical training schools for USOM.

My brother Patrick and I were students at the Community School. I graduated from Mrs. Gittinger’s 8th grade class in 1956.

I’m curious if anyone may have contact information for any of my classmates. Here is the list:

Leland C. Barrows
Lynne B. Bryan
Rolland Hamelin
Charles W. Redick
Michael A. Sanderson
Paul Anthony Sheldon
Richard W. Walmsley
Susan V. Wickert

Here’s my contact information:

Michael O’Brien
1905 N Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97217

Email: obrien [@] hevanet.com

Thanks in advance!


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4 comments to Saigon Kids Quest: Mrs. Gittinger’s 8th Grade Class 1956

  • Gene Taylor

    Leland Barrows is on the list of Saigon Kids. We were there from 1955 to 1957. We left after my 4th grade but my older brother David probably knew many of these kids. Wish I could help more.

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Mrs. Gittinger was my Algebra teacher in 1958 when I first arrived in Saigon as a high school freshman. I had no idea she had been there for so long. What I remember best is that 1. she was a great teacher with respect for her students and 2. she had the prettiest dive off the side of the pool at the Cercle Sportif. She never, ever, made a splash. It was amazing to watch. She just arched into the air, curved her body and then, like a water nymph, slipped into the water, which was usually emerald green from the algae that formed every week.
    Though I did not like Algebra, I loved Mrs. Gittinger’s teaching style and patience. We were in the quonset huts in the compound at that time. Algebra was in the room on the right-hand side.

  • Hi, Suellen– Thanks for sharing those lovely memories of Mrs. Gittinger. I also really enjoyed having her as a teacher. She recommended me for a scholarship to a good prep school, an opportunity that made a big difference in my life. Our 8th grade class was in that quonset hut, which has long since been removed, but the big tree is still there. Best, Mike

    • Mike – Thanks for sharing your memories of Saigon. You have some great photographs of Saigon and Vietnam from the 1950’s on your photography site. If you’d be interested in sharing them for posting on our Saigon Kids site, please contact me via the *Contact* form by Clicking Here.


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