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Saigon Kids Quest: Randy Ryan

by Arnon *Elaine* Reichers (ACS)

I’ve been trying to find Randy Ryan for a long time.

She and I were friends in the 8th grade at American Community School in Saigon.

Does anybody know anything about her?

Her married name?

Anything at all?

[Admin Note: Ron Ryan visited the site sometime back. Possibly he was related to Randy. You might try searching for Ron.]

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5 comments to Saigon Kids Quest: Randy Ryan

  • Kathy Conner Dobronyi

    Using the Internet, I found that Randy (Randeen) Ryan graduated from Buena HS in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Her father was stationed at Fort Huachuca.

    Ron Ryan is her brother. They were my neighbors at 214 Yen Do Street when we lived in Saigon June 1963 to March 1964.

    They had a younger sister, Kristie, who had serious kidney disease and had to be treated in the hospital at Clark AFB.

    Randy was dressed up for a Rainbow Girls function one day when I was there to visit. She looked so beautiful in her white gown and long gloves. It was the first I’d ever heard of Ranbow Girls and Eastern Star.

    I was twelve.

    • Kathy – What a small world! Frank Stoddard lives in Hereford, AZ now, which is just a hop skip and a jump from Sierra Vista, AZ. where Randy’s family used to live.

  • Kathy Conner Dobronyi

    I know where Hereford is. There’s a small abandoned ranch with a picturesque windmill on it where we often stopped when we were in the area.

    My husband and I lived for 35 years in Tucson before “evacuating” to Florida in 2003 in search of water. Who would have thought that Florida is running out of water, but the overpumping of the Floridan aquifer is causing salt water intrusion and dry wells.

    Gotta love the way humans take care of finite resources.

  • frank

    Kathy, the first time my family pulled off Interstate 10 and headed south in 1976, into nowhere, we loved it. I was with a Field Artillery Unit that supported Ft. Huachuca (I think the only Army Post not named after someone) in a variety of ways. In 1982 we were again stationed here, where I taught ethics and leadership at the M.I. School. When I left the military, we came back in 1991. I re-tooled and got my Masters in education and became a teacher of science at Apache Middle School. After a few years, I moved to Buena H.S. where I taught U.S./AZ Constitution. Did you know the fellow that wrote “Garden Of Stone” graduated from Buena, I think in 1963? It is still a great school!!!
    Maybe we are also running out of water here in Hereford, America, but we have plenty of beer!! Come on back!!

    P.S. Didn’t U of A beat some school in basketball this year? HeHe!!!


    • Oh, gosh, Frank — Gardens of Stone is one of my all-time favorite movies!

      I went and looked for something about the author, Nicholas Proffitt, and found that he’s of our generation … and passed away too young in 2006. Yes, he was an Army brat, and he did go to the University of Arizona.

      Last summer I spent a morning — 4 hours — walking all around Arlington National Cemetery, visiting graves — e.g., one a fellow I graduated from high school with, another the LTC I worked for with MACV in Bien Hoa, and a number of others. During that 7-mile hike, in the back of my head was Gardens of Stone, a movie that I still have a hard time viewing with tears welling up.

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