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Saigon Kids: Recent Arrivals

Listed below are recent arrivals to our Saigon Kids family.

Either they found us, or we found them – but, it really doesn’t matter who found who as the important thing is that we have all reconnected!

I’m sure I speak for everyone in giving you a BIG WELCOME home to your Saigon Kids family.

Please feel free to join in the conversations by leaving your comments below and sharing your Saigon experiences and memories with everyone.

Kim Life – California

Frederika Dean – Australia
[Lived in Saigon 3-4 yrs (1961-64/65). My father was posted as Philippine military attache(Philippine Air Force pilot/officer) so our family lived there til 1964/65.Attended American School in 1964. I’m in Gecko 1964-Grade 2 with Mrs Cooper as our teacher.. Would like to connect with my former classmates. I hope they still remember me because I remember all my classmates from photos in the yearbook. One of my classmates was Margaret Westmoreland – daughter of the late Gen. Westmoreland. I now reside in Australia – happily married with 2 grown children.]

7 comments to Saigon Kids: Recent Arrivals

  • Jim Cooper

    Frederika – Welcome to the Blog! I didn’t know you, as I was about five grades ahead of you (7th grade for the ’64/’65 school year), but when I read your comment that Mom was your teacher, it caught me up short – I sure hope she was easy on you and your class! Hope you connect with some old ‘mates! Cheers!

    • Frederika Dean

      Thank u Jim. I used to browse the Gecko album a lot and I do remember that my teacher ( your mom) have 2 sons.You must be the older handsome one 🙂 Your mom was a great teacher. I still have a the thank u note she gave me for the X’mas gift I gave her. You know what I don’t remember what the gift was now lol.

  • stevie westmoreland

    Hi Frederika, I am Margaret Westmoreland’ older sister, Stevie, ….Margaret lives in Florida and I am sure would want to be in touch…not sure what the protocol is for connecting folks together…let me know and I will try and get you 2 together…Stevie Westmoreland

    [ Frederika and Stevie – I’ll send you each others email addresses, if neither of you have any objections – Bob ]

    • Frederika Dean

      Wow this is wonderful. I don’t know whether Margaret remembers me but I sure do remember her. I know that she has a brother but didn’t know she’s got a sis as well.I remember her coming later in our class and remember her forgetting her sweater or bolero jacket at the library.

  • stevie westmoreland

    Hi Bob, thanks for the email and I have no objectons…stevie

    [Stevie – ENJOY! 🙂 – Bob]

  • Jake Black

    I lived in saigon above the commissary. My father was in the Air Force. He coached the Air Force softball team.

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