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Saigon Landmarks: Cheap Charlie’s – 1958

Anyone care to join me for a Hamburger or Pho? … 🙂

Cheap Charlie's 1958

I thought you might enjoy a few memories of Cheap Charlie’s from 1958.

66 Hai Ba Trung (Paul Blanchy)


11 comments to Saigon Landmarks: Cheap Charlie’s – 1958

  • Ken

    I always enjoyed the corn and crab soup.

  • Tom Abreu

    I ate here a bunch of times…. I always had their “spring rolls”.

  • Sally Trued, Mike Trued

    I was only 9 or 10 but my family used to go here—I remember the shrimp toast.

  • Gus Letto

    I lived on Nguyen Hue just a few blocks from Cheap Charlie’s in 1966. The bouillabaisse was the best I had ever had. They hadn’t forgotten their origins of French cuisine.

  • archie iccs

    corn and crab soup
    giant gin and tonic
    the memories come roaring back

  • Mark Vaughn

    My family ate there in the late fifties, loved the fried fish.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    There was a small PX located between Cheap Charlies and the Caravelle Hotel, where my mom used to work. The sailor that owned that beautiful 1954 Harley Davidson that Brooks and I were seated on worked there as well. Anyway, CC’s was a nice place to eat lunch or dinner depending on her working hours. Actually there were several really good restaurants downtown, the names of which I can no longer remember.

    • Cary

      didn’t they have a fluffy whipped baked potato? I was there with my dad in ’73. i have chop sticks from Cheap Charlies! lol

  • Warren Butler

    To all: I’m not sure but the Vietnamese or Chinese name for Cheap Charlie’s was Chung Nam. I remember having stuffed crab claws with a sweet sauce there for the first time in 1964. And needless to say that the price of the meal was “Cheap”

  • Jack

    I lived in Saigon form 1966 to 1975 and ate at Cheap Charlies countless times. My favorites were the Frog Legs and the Pigeon dishes.

  • Denby Fawcett

    Why or how did the restaurant get the name “Cheap Charlie’s? and was Cheong Nam the real name of the restaurant? I liked to go to Cheap Charlie’s in 1966-67. One of my favorite dishes was the sweet sour pork. I also liked the corn soup.

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