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SAIGON Mien Nam Than Yeu 1956 ( Old South VietNam )

From old 35mm slides …

Ahhh … way back then …. those were the days …   🙂


9 comments to SAIGON Mien Nam Than Yeu 1956 ( Old South VietNam )

  • mimi

    Hi all. It’s not a comment but as I forgot my username and password (which I wrote somewhere but where)….
    Or is it a comment about the google ads which adorn every page. To day on main page, “want to meet sexy vietnameese singles”. (should I try ..lol?) and on next page: “want to get rid of stomach fat”. (this one I SHOULD try…lol)

    Bob, I am anxious to travel back to old saigon, waiting for all the videos. Thanx Bob for another brilliant initiative!

    Hope you are all doing well. love Mimi

  • Frank Stoddard

    One of the pictures has a 54 Chevy truck. I am restoring one right now. It was my daily driver while I lived in Oklahoma…drove it to blend in! lol

  • Admin

    Frank I hope you put a ‘gun rack’ and ‘fishing rod rack’ in the 54 Chevy Pickup … hahahahhaha


  • Admin

    MiMi … LOL @ Google ads … Some of them just crack me up!! … they are suppose to be ‘content relevant’ … hmmm? … guess that just goes to show what kind of things folks on here are talking about … ha ha ha … Actually, I keep setting the filters to supposedly filter out the ‘non-relevant’ ads, but it seems the more I do, the more that show up … lol

    MiMi don’t worry about the ‘belly fat’ as long as the bikini still fits … LOL … you know .. the teeny weeny yellow poka dot bikini … lol

    I’ll email your user name and a new password to you 🙂

    I was thinking to myself while working on installing the video’s that you would enjoy them. Some parts are a little after our time, but other parts are during and before our time. And, some footage taken around ’65, things where still about the same as during the late 50’s and early 60’s … Do you remember the ‘Opium Factory’ … wait until you see it now … lol … bet you remember My Canh and the French Yacht Club and … and … and … lol

    Take care … Bob

  • Gene Taylor

    I know none of this early 60’s group as we were in Saigon from July of 1955 through May of 1957…left when I was 10. My dad was an Army officer with MAAG. I have slides I have converted to CD/DVD, etc. of Cercle Sportif,our house on Rue de Gaulle (later Cong Ly)–looking for some of my older brother’s friends with last names of Olsen or Olson and one named Steve Early.Also have images of Cap St Jacque in those years.Anyone out there of my era?
    thanks, Gene Taylor…old fart in Texas.


    I was wondering if Eugene “Gene” Taylor is still with us. My father was with MAAG in 1956.

  • Gene Taylor

    Does anyone have pictures of the old ACS school in the compound? Most of buildings were Quonset huts. This would be anytime between 1955 to 1958…and later I’m sure. Do not know when they built new school.

    • Gene – None that I’ve been able to locate. I’m sure someplace out there pictures exist. But, where remains unknown. I would image someone took pix of the huts, but probably personal photos or films … They may also be in old government agencies file as the huts were located at a USA government compound, etc. Nordom Compound.


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